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  • Sin, Anson Ka-lik (University of Oregon, 2022-12-01)
    Cui, Shi-Guang (b.1948) is one of the greatest living Chinese composers. Cui, who is now 74 years old, completed his revision of his Piano Concerto in July of 2020. In my document, I will include a complete biography of ...
  • Foxman, Maxwell (Columbia Journalism Review, 2022-10-06)
    In the darkest days of the covid-19 pandemic, as many people figured out how to work and live in isolation, they turned to various virtual worlds and spaces for comfort. From games like Animal Crossing to Zoom, the popularity ...
  • Schreiner, Jason (Open Oregon, 2021-12-16)
    Teaching about difference and power: a guide for instructors. Intended to help instructors teach United States: Difference, Inequality and Agency courses at the University of Oregon. The most up to date and interactive ...
  • Carroll, Anna; Wakefield, Eleanor (Open Oregon, 2019)
    This Open Educational Resource is a collection of texts and materials that team together students’ familiarity with sports and critical inquiry skills. The Politics of Sports has the potential to capture the interest of ...
  • Zalyubovskiy, Ana (Open Oregon, 2021-01-08)
    Ecology of Place is concerned with the values of conservation and preservation people place on their relationship to the earth, its features and its inhabitants. By knowing a place and naming its constituents we discover ...

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