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  • Adler, Melissa (University of Oregon, )
    Studies show that emotion enhances memory for individual items but weakens memory for associations between items. One explanation for this associative memory impairment is that emotional stimuli capture attention, causing ...
  • Brazo, Max (University of Oregon, 2020)
    Bartoszek, Oli (University of Oregon, 2020)
    The starting target market for the Airbender is both males and females between the ages of 20 - 30. It is targeted at endurance athletes, but more specifically sub-elite distance runners who train 4-6 times a week primarily ...
  • Roese, Nate (University of Oregon, 2020)
    Understanding the physics and biomechanics behind high jump is crucial to designing an improved pair of new high jump spikes. Nate's biomechanical interest will play a big role in his ideation process and ultimately his ...
  • Silbert, Jessie (University of Oregon, 2020)
    The intended outcome of this capstone is to create a line of athletic maternity garments that will address woman’s needs as both athlete and mother throughout her pregnancy. With the current state of the environment, it ...

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