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Purpose/Scope: Scholars' Bank is the open access repository for the intellectual work of faculty, students and staff at the University of Oregon and partner institution collections. Open access journals, data, student projects, theses, dissertations, pre and post-print articles, instructional resources and university archival material are all candidates for deposit.

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Recently Added

  • Isbell, Rory (Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management, University of Oregon, December , 2016)
  • Kraemer, Stephen M. (Seton Hall University, South Orange, N.J., 1975)
  • Blochberger, Thomas C.; Cooper, Carl; Peretz, David; Tatzelt, Jorg; Griffith, O. Hayes; Baldwin, Michael A.; Prusiner, Stanley B. (Protein Engineering, 1997)
  • Hedberg, Karen K.; Birrell, G. Bruce; Griffith, O. Hayes (Cell Regulation, December , 1991)
  • Griffith, O. Hayes; McMillen, Debra A.; Evans, Loreene M.; Kuppe, Andreas (Journal of Bacteriology, November , 1989)

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