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  • Ellis, Lesa K. (University of Oregon, 2002-08)
    Individual differences in temperament, executive functioning, and pubertal maturation play an important role in adolescent psychosocial outcomes, as do parenting and risk variables. These studies examined relations between ...
  • Radcliffe, Damian (Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2021)
    This report explores the untold story of how the COVID crisis has impacted on journalists – and journalism - in Emerging Economies and the Global South. It’s a story told not only through the insights of industry leaders, ...
  • Bodenhamer, Michael; Curry, Marshall; Freeman, Tulani; Mmari, Cleven (Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management, University of Oregon, 2018)
    The aim of this mixed methods study is to explore and contribute to the literature by describing how associations develop and support diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices. The study was conducted using an online survey, ...
  • Freed, Brooke; Friedman, Amber; Lawlis, Sarah; Stapleton, Angie (Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management, University of Oregon, 2018-06)
    This research was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the methods that Oregon community colleges and public universities use to designate courses that use no cost and low-cost textbooks or course materials in response ...
  • Silva, Lucas C. R.; Corrêa, Rodrigo Studart; Wright, Jamie L.; Bonfirm, Barbara; Hendricks, Lauren; Gavin, Daniel G.; Muniz, Aleksander Westphal; Martins, Gilvan Coimbra; Motta, Antônio Carlos Vargas; Barbosa, Julierme Zimmer; Melo, Vander de Freitas; Young, Scott D.; Broadley, Martin R.; Santos, Roberto V. (Nature Research, 2021-01-04)
    Amazonian Dark Earths (ADEs) are unusually fertile soils characterised by elevated concentrations of microscopic charcoal particles, which confer their distinctive colouration. Frequent occurrences of pre-Columbian artefacts ...

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