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  • Kristof, Evan (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    SE Sandy Avenue is located in a suburban neighborhood acting as a local collector street that serves as a secondary route to navigate a steep hill. Historically, Troutdale has been attempting to create a trail connecting ...
  • Kristof, Evan (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    The City of Troutdale has planned to construct Sandy Riverfront Park on a reclaimed site just north of downtown Troutdale, which previously housed an old water treatment plant. The park will be part of Troutdale’s Urban ...
  • Kristof, Evan (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    Troutdale’s Town Center District was established in the 19th century by pioneering families and is considered the cultural heart of their community.The Town Center District is 270 acres located south of Interstate I-84, ...
  • Kristof, Evan (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    The City of Troutdale wishes to develop a proposal for a pedestrian bridge that crosses Southwest 257th Drive near downtown Troutdale, approximately 200 feet south of the intersection with Historic Columbia River Highway. ...
  • Aksnes-Shanks, Bill; Marquez, Athena; Uminski, Dan; Cabinte, Ryan (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    Masters of Business Administration students worked with city of Troutdale staff to investigate the feasibility of Troutdale-based passenger rail and/or transit focused on the Columbia River Gorge. January 2021 initial ...

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