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  • Zaklikowski, Leo (2021-01-19)
    Back row (left to right): Mike Johnson, James Johnson, Aaron Galloway, Nicole Nakata, Joanna Lyle, Reyn Yoshioka, Svetlana Maslakova, Nanycy Trenemen Middle row (left to right): Carmen Reddick, Anna Lake, Melody Lemke, ...
  • Cheng, Theresa W.; Mills, Kathryn L.; Miranda Dominguez, Oscar; Zeithamova, Dagmar; Perrone, Anders; Sturgeon, Darrick; Feldstein Ewing, Sarah W.; Fisher, Philip A.; Pfeifer, Jennifer H.; Fair, Damian A.; Mackiewicz Seghete, Kristen L. (Elsevier, 2020)
    Characterizing typologies of childhood adversity may inform the development of risk profiles and corresponding interventions aimed at mitigating its lifelong consequences. A neurobiological grounding of these typologies ...
  • Jorge Manuel, Briceño González (University of Oregon, 2020-05)
    Although academic papers and dissertations on Costa Rican music are not completely uncommon, only a handful focus on piano music. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the sonata genre in the Costa Rican ...
  • Petrik, Reece (University of Oregon School of Law, 2020-12-22)
    This Comment will focus on how recent changes to the standard deduction under the TCJA have altered the charitable behaviors of U.S. citizens. Further, it argues these changes will likely cause greater income inequality ...
  • Couey, Jordan (University of Oregon School of Law, 2020-12-22)
    This Comment argues that Congress should enact legislation to ensure that the landing district is a proper venue for in-flight crimes.

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