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  • Corbett, Andrea Cathryn (1979-06)
    Phytoplanktonic species face a serious problem in balancing photosynthetic light requirements with nutrient needs. Optimal light intensities are found toward the surface, while nutrients are usually in greater concentrations ...
  • Cooke, John H. (1971-05)
    Nearly all ecosystems of land and water including the open sea show a vertical zonation of physical and chemical factors and of flora and fauna. In such transitory zones there frequently exists interfaces where air meets ...
  • de Kort, Franciscus M. Th. (1971-08)
    Grazing in the oceans, in general, refers to herbivores feeding on plant material. It is an important factor in determining primary production in the sea, and is difficult to estimate. Also, this energy transfer seems at ...
  • Cohnstaedt, Lee William (2001-04)
    Harbor seals were observed on 70 occasions from 7 April to 10 August, 2001, at the North Cove, Cape Arago, Oregon, to determine if the harbor seals used different haulout zones within the haul-out area during different ...
  • Chirarochana, Jar (1977)
    Detritus plays an important role in the marine ecosystem. It forms a significant fraction of the available food sources (Darnell, 1958, 1961 , 1967; Gant et. al, 1971; Heald 1971; Lenz, 1977; E. P . Odum and Dela Cruz, ...

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