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  • Clifton, Kelly; Carder, Paula; Nonnamaker, Max; Howell, Amanda; Currans, Kristina; Abou-Zeid, Gabriella (Transportation and Research Education Center (TREC), 2022-10)
    In this project, we used a mixed-methods study to collect critical information to evaluate the extent to which people modified their shopping behavior, either by choice or necessity, to meet their provisioning needs during ...
  • Kaplowitz, Grace; Larco, Nico; Howell, Amanda; Swift, Tiffany (University of Oregon, 2020-09)
    How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing urban living? In this paper, we explore the landscape of COVID-19 disruptions to date on land use and real estate, urban design, building design, transportation, e-commerce and retail, ...
  • Kaplowitz, Grace; Larco, Nico; Howell, Amanda; Swift, Tiffany (University of Oregon, 2020-09)
    Before the pandemic, Urbanism Next developed a framework organizing the disruptions to cities caused by emerging transportation technologies on land use, urban design, building design, transportation, and real estate. ...
  • Steckler, Becky; Hess, Rachel; Larco, Nico (University of Oregon, 2022-08)
    This policy brief summarizes some of the key findings from a comprehensive literature review (submitted for publication) on the impact of shared mobility services and GHG emissions.
  • Howell, Amanda; Steckler, Becky; Larco, Nico; Knight Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (University of Oregon, 2022-08)
    The Knight Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Initiative is a multi-year collaborative effort between the Urbanism Next Center at the University of Oregon, Cityfi, the cities of Detroit, Pittsburgh, and San José, and Miami-Dade County ...

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