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  • Markus, Amy; Olszewski, Julia; Huber-Stearns, Heidi; Ellison, Autumn (Ecosystem Workforce Program, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, University of Oregon, 2021)
    To guide monitoring efforts within the Lakeview Stewardship Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project (CFLRP) and Klamath-Lake Forest Health Partnership (KLFHP) All-Lands Projects in Klamath and Lake Counties.
  • Coughlan, Michael R.; Huber-Stearns, Heidi; Santo, Anna; McEvoy, Andy, 1987-; White, Eric M. (Ecosystem Workforce Program, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, University of Oregon, 2022)
    The Oregon Department of Forestry’s (ODF) Landscape Resiliency Program (LRP) is a grant program established by Senate Bill 762 (SB762), Section 18-20 (2021) to support crossboundary forest restoration and resiliency ...
  • Osaki, Heidi (University of Oregon, 2022-11)
    Fliers, Cyborg self portrait, and Banner are each woven portals that explore three different political objects as textiles. Using research informed artist practice, each portal draws upon a rich collection of history, ...
  • Linder, Sam (University of Oregon, 2022-11)
    In this project, I aim to integrate principles of retributive justice and restorative justice into a comprehensive philosophy of justice that can punish wrongdoers while still acknowledging and respecting their humanity. ...
  • Landers, Katie (University of Oregon, 2022-11)
    Stress has adverse health risks, especially during adolescent development, and can lead to depression or death by suicide. The present study examined the associations among nature exposure, physical activity, and adolescent ...

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