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  • Nezamdoost, Amir; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin (Institute for Health in the Built Environment, University of Oregon, 2016-08)
    With the latest published version LEED (v4), and the IES codifying two recommended annual-climate-based daylighting metrics and performance criteria, annual daylighting simulation has become even more important to the ...
  • Jakubiec, J. Alstan; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin; Inanici, Mehlika; Mahic, Alen (Institute for Health in the Built Environment, University of Oregon, 2016)
    This paper investigates accuracy in typical High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography techniques used by researchers measuring high resolution luminance information for visual comfort studies in daylit spaces. Vignetting ...
  • Jakubiec, J. Alstan; Inanici, Mehlika; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin; Mahic, Alen (Institute for Health in the Built Environment, University of Oregon, 2016)
    Measuring the luminous environment enables researchers and practitioners to study perception and visual comfort in existing environments in order to decipher the components that contribute to good or problematic lighting ...
  • Institute for Policy Research and Engagement, University of Oregon (School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management, University of Oregon, 2022-02)
    Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) envisions a network of emerging leaders that are addressing society’s most pressing issues from the rural Oregon perspective. As a result of RARE’s programming and ...
  • Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience, Community Service Center (Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience, 2013-08)
    This section provides a summary of the Hazards Vulnerability Assessment pilot process to date and a review of the lessons learned for the process. The summary presents our approach to Hazards Vulnerability with respect to ...

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