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Scholars' Bank is the open access repository for the intellectual work of faculty, students, and staff at the University of Oregon. It also houses materials from certain partner institution collections. Open access journals, student projects, theses and dissertations, pre- and post-print articles, instructional resources, and university archival material are all candidates for deposit.

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  • Bui, Long T. (Fembot Collective, 2015-01)
  • Inverto 
    Bennett, Alison (Fembot Collective, 2015-04)
  • Zack, Naomi (Journal of World Philosophies, 2016)
    This is intended to be a “personal essay” about my work as a nonwhite philosopher. I find the premise condescending and somewhat annoying. I would not encourage anyone else who shares my demographics to follow my example, ...
  • Zack, Naomi (The Southern Journal of Philosophy, 2009)
    We are a society that treats human remains with respect. In wartime, the dead are transported home and buried with great solemnity, attended by their friends, relatives, neighbors, and public dignitaries. The flags that ...
  • Zack, Naomi (Rowman and Littlefield, 2011)
    The historical and contemporary reality of race in the United States encompasses race relations (interactions between different racial groups and their members), laws concerning members of different racial groups, the ...

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