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  • Peake, Bryce; Williams, Mara (Fembot Collective, University of Oregon Libraries, 2012-11)
  • Connor, Emily; Lewis, Rebecca (University of Oregon, 2021)
    As an element of its recently adopted 20-year Town Center Plan, the City of Troutdale identified improvements and and revitalization of their downtown district and surrounding areas as a priority. Public Budget Administration ...
  • Hays-Alsin, Bethany; Lewis, Rebecca (University of Oregon, 2021)
    A team of students at the University of Oregon has provided research and recommendations to aid the City of Troutdale in the improvement of their Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) system. This collaboration occurred through ...
  • Irsfeld, Brendan; Arroyo, John; Brown, Anne; Sandoval, Gerard; Knudson, Kaarin (University of Oregon, 2021)
    Graduate students in the University of Oregon’s Community and Regional Planning program collaborated in
three research groups to propose an affordable housing development on a parcel of land close to downtown Troutdale. ...
  • Atkins, Siena; Mundy, Dean (University of Oregon, 2021)
    The City of Troutdale, located between the Sandy and Columbia rivers, enjoys a beautiful environment and thriving downtown. The city’s unique identity and diverse attractions allow residents and tourists to visit, be active, ...

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