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Scholars' Bank is the open access repository for the intellectual work of faculty, students, and staff at the University of Oregon. It also houses materials from certain partner institution collections. Open access journals, student projects, theses and dissertations, pre- and post-print articles, instructional resources, and university archival material are all candidates for deposit.

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  • Fish, Carolyn S.; Garrison, Michala A.; Reis, Schyler A. (University of Oregon, 2023-11-28)
  • Austin, Megan (University of Oregon, 2023-11)
    Written for students and instructors in an advanced legal research course, this book uses the steps of the legal research process to facilitate skills practice, collaboration, and reflection. It proposes a hypothetical as ...
  • Harlan, Lydia; Buxton, Kristin; Hayden, Gabriele (University of Oregon, 2023-10-27)
    Knowing your value and optimizing your time can help meet your professional and institutional goals. We describe how an ad-hoc team of people from three different departments, with three different primary goals, were able ...
  • University of Oregon. Center for the Study of Women in Society (Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon, 2023-10)
    Our 50th anniversary event programming team has spent the last year collaborating with schools, departments, programs, and other units on campus to bring you invited speakers, exhibits, performances, and events that speak ...
  • Coughlan, Michael R.; Serio, Naomi; Loeb, Harper; Lewis, David G. (David Gene), 1965-; Thompson, Sally (Ecosystem Workforce Program, University of Oregon, 2023)
    Indigenous fire stewardship (IFS) plays a critical role in the maintenance of North American forest resilience. This synthesis reviews literature on IFS in the PNW as represented in scholarly peer reviewed publications. We ...

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