Civic Patronage in the Roman Empire : Companion Web Site [CWS]  

John Nicols


Status: 28 July 2014  

This "Companion Web Site" to my Civic Patronage in the Roman Empire [Leiden; Brill, 2014] contains a number of spreadsheets that break down the epigraphical data into manageable ‘profiles’.

Please note the following:

The Program

Part I: The basics:  Sorted here by Inventory Number; also sorted by nomen in Part IV. Columns have the following headings: Inventory No., nomen cognomen, date, approximate date, evidence, and client and benefactions = NicolsPDF_I [Available 1 March 2014].

Part II: The profile of the patron [available mid summer, 2014].

Part III: The profile of the client community. 

Part IV: The profile of benefactions, material and administrative.  The material will be arranged in several PDFs [available mid summer, 2014]:

Part V: The profile of the monument / inscription. [available late summer, 2014]

Part VI: Cross references between the printed editon and the CWS.  


I am grateful for any corrections, supplements or comments to improve the presentation.  I hope to post updates with corrections by the end of 2014.  

Please note that an Excel spreadsheet with all the data is also available on request.

 J. Nicols, Eugene, Oregon, 1 March 2014

Contact Information:

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Š       phone in US: 541.346.4817.

I am grateful to Marianne S. Nicols and to Levi Waschmann for their assistance in developing the profiles and to Catherine Flynn-Purvis of the University / Knight Library for posting and maintaining the CWS at the ScholarsBank of the University of Oregon. Hendrik Dey and Michael Peachin helped me to trouble-shot the PDFs. .