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    • Lrig1 + Stem Cells and Their Role During Colitis Recovery 

      Jahahn, Nicholas (2017)
      The intestine is a highly regenerative organ in humans and mice in which epithelial cells are replenished weekly and damage is rapidly repaired. Lrig1 protein has been shown to mark a population of quiescent stem cells ...
    • LRIG1 Localization within the Colonic Crypt of Lrig3 Double Null Mice 

      Taylor, Ainsley Lorraine (University of Oregon, 2017)
      Leucine rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domains protein 1 (LRIG1) is a transmembrane protein that negatively regulates intestinal epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFRs) on the cell surface. This evidence suggests ...
    • Lucile Saunders McDonald: Her freshman year at U. of O. 

      McDonald, Lucile Saunders (2013-07-09)
      Lucile Saunders McDonald's diary of her freshman year at the University of Oregon in Eugene, beginning in the fall of 1915. Includes portions of correspondence to family members.
    • Lunchtime! Next Steps for Farm to School Programs in Oregon 

      Derwingson, Aaron (Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management, University of Oregon, 2008-06)
      Farm to school programs connect schools with local farmers, ranchers and fishermen to bring fresh, locally produced products into school cafeterias. These programs have the potential to support sustainable agriculture, ...
    • Lundgren land exchange environmental assessment 

      Sisters Ranger District (Or.) (2002-04-03)
      Proposes to exchange the Lake Creek property, privately held by Metolius, LLC, for the Forest Service-owned Cliff and School properties. The Cliff property currently has an encroachment authorized by a special use permit ...
    • Lurch commercial thinning and density management decision record 

      United States. Bureau of Land Management. Roseburg District Office (2008-07-15)
      Announces decision to authorize the Lurch portion of the Proposed Action Alternative as described in the Elkhead Commercial Thinning & Density Management EA. In addition, approximately 30 acres and a spur road that were ...
    • Lurch commercial thinning and density management finding of no significant impacts 

      United States. Bureau of Land Management. Roseburg District Office (2008-07-15)
      Finds NEPA documentation fully covers plan to initiate action on five units (approximately 159 acres) of mid-seral, second-growth forest approximately 39-49 years old located in the Elk Creek/Umpqua River 5th Field Watershed. ...
    • Luts Hedden CT timber sale decision documentation 

      United States. Bureau of Land Management. Coos Bay District (2008-12-22)
      The Proposed Action Alternative proposes to thin approximately 8,796 acres of conifer and to convert approximately 167 acres of red alder to conifer in 31-80 year old stands within the Umpqua River-Sawyer Rapids Fifth Field ...
    • Lwen Wolena Kosrae! Workbook and Lab Manual 

      Kinnaman, Sydney G. (University of Oregon, Micronesia and South Pacific Program, 1994)
      Lwen Wolena Kosrae! is a self-directed introduction to Kosraean language and culture. It has been specifically developed for technical assistants and anthropology students from the University of Oregon who will be working ...
    • Lyons Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-01-29) 

      Lyons (Lyons, 2007-01-29)
    • Lyons Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-08-06) 

      Lyons (Lyons, 2010-08-06)
    • Lyric Poetry, Conservative Poetics, and the Rise of Fascism 

      Lisiecki, Chet (University of Oregon, 2014-10-17)
      As fascist movements took hold across Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, there emerged a body of lyric poetry concerned with revolution, authority, heroism, sacrifice, community, heritage, and national identity. While the Nazi ...
    • Lyrical ballads 

      Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850; Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834 (R.S. Bear, 1995-11-04)
    • “L’autobiografia dell’artista 'divino' tra sacro e secolarizzazione” 

      Massimo, Lollini (Annali d'Italianistica, 2007)
      This article analyzes the “deification” of the Renaissance artist as a consequence of the encounter of Neoplatonic and Christian trends, which will ultimately usher in secular autobiography.
    • The M Team: Organizing support for targeted students 

      Lambeth, Cathryn Colley (2011-03-14)
      Goal: the school's staff created a goal to improve the math achievement of its low SES students school-wide using community volunteers
    • Mac Flecknoe 

      Dryden, John, 1631-1700 (R.S. Bear, 2000-12)
    • Macbeth 

      Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 (R.S. Bear, 1999)
    • Machine Based Artistic Production (MBAP) 

      Krajkowski, Alex (University of Oregon, 2015)
      My practice involves surrendering control to a variety of generative processes as a way to create an image. By exposing gelatin silver paper to obscure chemical processes, or using simple machines to create photomechanical ...
    • A Macintosh Design Studio 

      Brown, G. Z.; Novitski, B. J. (Center for Housing Innovation, University of Oregon, 1988)
      During the past year at the University of Oregon, we have conducted an experimental design studio in which each student had an Apple Macintosh SE microcomputer on his or her studio desk. Each term we experimented with a ...
    • Mackenzie, Dr. K. A. J. and Cora, House, national Register of Historic Places Nomination -- Continuation Sheet 

      Teague, Edward H., 1952- (2011-04-30)
      The continuation sheet to the National Register documentation of the Dr. K. A. J. (Kenneth) and Cora Mackenzie House (Portland, Oregon, NRIS # 96000625, identifies a major error -- architect attribution -- in the National ...