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    • Durham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-12-10) 

      Durham (Durham, 2007-12-10)
      Amends the Durham Land Use Code Multiple Family (MF) Residential District to create a Multi-Family Design Overlay district (MD) that provides density and height bonuses. The overlay can be applied to land in the MF District ...
    • Durham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-12-12) 

      Durham (Durham, 2007-12-12)
      Map amendment to the City of Durham zoning map to change the zoning and plan designation from Industrial Park (IP) to Multiple-Family (MF) and add the Multi-Family Design Overlay (MD) on a 4.6 acre parcel (tax lot 2S113DC01400)
    • Durham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-12-12) 

      Durham (Durham, 2007-12-12)
      Amends Durham Land Use Code to conform to court decisions relative to religious land uses.
    • Durham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-06-12) 

      Durham (Durham, 2008-06-12)
      Amends Land Use Code relevant to quasi-judicial decisions to reflect more recent enactment of state statute and case law. Design review is incorporated into the initial Planning Commission review.
    • Durham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-07-08) 

      Durham (Durham, 2008-07-08)
      Amends the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance as follows: Adds definitions, provides penalties for non-compliance, provides that when the flood damage ordinance conflicts or overlaps other regulations the more strict applies. ...
    • Durham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-07-24) 

      Durham (Durham, 2009-07-24)
      The Land Use Code was completely re-written to bring it into compliance with local, metro, state and federal regulations. It was reformatted for easier use.
    • Durham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2013-03-14) 

      City of Durham (City of Durham, 2013-03-14)
    • Dyadic regulation and deviant contagion in adolescent friendships: Interaction patterns associated with problematic substance use 

      Piehler, Timothy Farr, 1978- (University of Oregon, 2008-09)
      Peer influences on adolescence substance use have been widely demonstrated. In particular, social interactions that are centered around and reinforcing of antisocial values, known as deviant peer contagion, are predictive ...
    • Dying to Succeed: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Online News Reports About Affluent Teen Suicide Clusters 

      DeHaan, Tracy (University of Oregon, 2016-10-27)
      The media is a social factor influencing suicide clusters. As a result, the AFSP and the CDC established guidelines for journalists in order to prevent suicide contagion and imitation. Compliance has been inconsistent. ...
    • Dynamic Limits of Balance Control during Daily Functional Activities Associated with Falling 

      Fujimoto, Masahiro (University of Oregon, 2012)
      Falls are one of the most serious problems among the elderly, resulting in fatal physical injuries. Early identification of people at a high risk of falling is needed to facilitate rehabilitation to reduce future fall risk. ...
    • Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Antidumping Policy: Theory and Evidence 

      Blonigen, Bruce A. (Bruce Aloysius); Park, Jee-Hyeong (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2001-07-01)
      Antidumping (AD) duties are calculated as the difference between the foreign firm’s product price in the export market and some definition of "normal" or "fair" value, often the foreign firm’s product price in its own ...
    • A Dynamic Time Course of Cognitive Map Distortion 

      Martinelli, Earl Nicholas (University of Oregon, 2008-06)
      Distortion in cognitive maps has been examined by geographers and psychologists in order to understand the cognitive processes used when spatial knowledge is acquired from maps or images. This past research has lead to ...
    • Dynamics and Imaging of Subduction 

      O'Driscoll, Leland (University of Oregon, 2012)
      Convergent plate boundaries evolve through the dynamic interaction between subducting oceanic lithosphere, overriding lithosphere, and adjacent flow of the convective mantle. These lithospheric plates contain remarkable ...
    • The E-Correspondence Principle 

      Evans, George W., 1949-; Honkapohja, Seppo, 1951- (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2003-06-23)
      We introduce the E-correspondence principle for stochastic dynamic expectations models as a tool for comparative dynamics analysis. The principle is applicable to equilibria that are stable under least squares and closely ...
    • E-Legislating 

      Duvivier, K. K. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2013-11-19)
      Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the relationship of citizens to their governments. Since e-democracy was first identified in the 1990s, at least four subcategories have emerged. This article debuts the ...
    • E-mile regeneration and commercial thinning harvest environmental assessment 

      United States. Bureau of Land Management. Roseburg District Office (1998-09-22)
      Proposes to harvest some 4.3 million board feet of timber on approximately 135 acres in the Little River Watershed. Includes temporary road construction and improvement, and prescribed burning of slash.
    • E-procurement in the hospital industry : a feasibility study 

      Andries, Colin (University of Oregon, 2002-06)
      Recent years have seen improvements in the Internet and the ability of individuals to make purchases online. Because of these improvements many companies have looked to the Internet to improve their supply chains. The ...
    • Eagle Point : Transportation system plan 

      Eagle Point (Or.); Rogue Valley Council of Governments (City of Eagle Point (Or.), 2001-09-25)
      This plan provides an overall strategy to develop a safe and efficient transportation system for the City of Eagle Point which meets not only the needs of the community, but also Oregon Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) ...
    • Eagle Point Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-03-06) 

      Eagle Point (Eagle Point, 2006-03-06)
    • Eagle Point Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-07-21) 

      Eagle Point (Eagle Point, 2006-07-21)