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    • Gresham : Rockwood Commons : A mixed-use community development proposal (2001) 

      Gresham (Or.); Multnomah County (Or.); Tri-Met (City of Gresham (Or.), 2001-09)
      Rockwood Commons is envisioned to be a mixed-use project, developed on Tri-Met’s Park and Ride lot in the Rockwood “Triangle” at 182nd and East Burnside in Gresham. The project’s public partners are the City of Gresham, ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood cultural marketplace site (2007) 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham Redevelopment Commission (City of Gresham (Or.), 2007)
      The revitalization of the Rockwood neighborhood is extremely important to the City of Gresham. The Cultural Marketplace project will not only change lives, it will set the standard for future development in the area. ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood renewal feasibility study (2001) 

      Gresham (Or.); Barney & Worth, Inc.; E.D. Hovee & Company; Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Gresham (Or.), 2001-11)
      The study finds that urban renewal can help Rockwood–West Gresham become a more competitive and desirable location for new commercial business, industry and housing by providing the means to: support development of vacant, ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood town center design & redevelopment plan (2005) 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham Redevelopment Commission; Marketek, Inc.; Urbsworks; David Evans and Associates (City of Gresham (Or.), 2005-06-30)
      The charge to the project team was to prepare: a Design Vision for the Rockwood Town Center; a Street Plan that maximizes neighborhood circulation and encourages pedestrian, bicycle and transit travel; a Market Analysis ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood-West Gesham urban renewal plan 

      Davis Hibbitts & McCaig; Tashman Johnson LLC; Launer, Jeannette M.; E.D. Hovee & Company; Gresham (Or.); Gresham (Or.). Community & Economic Development Dept. (City of Gresham (Or.), 2003-11-04)
      This Rockwood-West Gresham Renewal Plan (the â Planâ ) calls for an urban renewal program within Rockwood-West Gresham. Urban renewal programs are used by cities and counties throughout Oregon to improve conditions in ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood-West Gresham urban renewal industrial opportunity study (2007) 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham Redevelopment Commission (City of Gresham (Or.), 2007-05-17)
      The purpose of this study is to identify opportunities for industrial growth and recommend a strategic approach that will better support and retain existing industrial businesses within the study area and attract new ...
    • Gresham : Springwater community plan 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham (Or.). Community & Economic Development Dept.; Gresham (Or.). Dept. of Environmental Services (City of Gresham (Or.), 2005-09-20)
      The Springwater area was added to the region’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) in December 2002 to meet a growing demand for industrial land in the region and provide high value, familywage jobs for east Multnomah County. ...
    • Gresham : Strategic plan 

      Gresham (Or.). Strategic Planning Committee; Morris, Stan; Gresham (Or.) (City of Gresham (Or.), 2002-05)
      Gresham has a lot to lose without a vision and strategic direction for the future. Why a Strategic Plan? * Opportunity to appraise organization strengths and weaknesses. * Seeks to identify strategies and ...
    • Gresham : Trails master plan 

      Gresham (Or.); David Evans and Associates; Sea Reach Ltd.; Studio Reedijk (City of Gresham (Or.), 1997-08)
      The 1995 City of Gresham Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan recommends the development of a Trails Master Plan to define "a comprehensive trail system which integrates with the City's pedestrian and bicycle plan ...
    • Gresham : Transportation system plan 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham (Or.). Community & Economic Development Dept. (City of Gresham (Or.), 2002)
      The Gresham Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a 20- year blueprint for implementing a multi-modal transportation system. The Plan establishes policies and provides strategies that support the development of Gresham ...
    • Gresham : Zimmerman Heritage Farm master plan 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham (Or.). Dept. of Environmental Services; Gresham (Or.). Parks and Recreation Division; Fairview-Rockwood-Wilkes Historical Society; Friends of Zimmerman House (City of Gresham (Or.), 1999-12)
      Zimmerman Heritage Farm is a unique cultural education and recreational resource that is being created for the benefit of the public on a 5.98-acre historic site in Gresham, Oregon. The focal point is the historic ...
    • Gresham City Hall : Conceptual Designs Plans for a New City Hall 

      Falkenstein, Lizzie; Arms, Shannon (University of Oregon, 2010)
      Thirteen schemes were developed for the Gresham City Hall project under the Sustainable Cities Initiative during the winter term of 2010. Each group took a unique approach to the challenges and opportunities presented. All ...
    • Gresham City Hall Architectural Program 

      Casselman, Kate; Holt, Nicole; Race, Craig; Kilgore, Elizabeth (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2009-12-10)
      Gresham, Oregon is growing, developing, and looking for a way to revitalize their downtown district. After speaking with representatives from the departments within City Hall, our group developed spatial relationship ...
    • Gresham City Hall- programming document 

      Coyle, Megan; Frease, Aaron; Harkin, Tim; Johnson, Brianne; Riegelnegg, Craig (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2009-12)
      This programming document is a study for a new Gresham City Hall in Gresham, Oregon. Through interviews with city employees and personal observation, students came up with programming solutions to meet the needs of the ...
    • Gresham City Hall: Programming a New Era 

      Newman, Adam; Lovett, Kelsey; Olson, Hilary; Varady, Stephen (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2009-11-05)
      This project investigates the programmatic needs of a new Gresham City Hall. This new building should be innovative in function and striking in appearance to reinvigorate Gresham's downtown area. It must also embody ...
    • Gresham Climate Futures Report: Spring 2010 Climate Preparedness in the Lower Willamette Subbasin 

      Fracchia, Elena (University of Oregon, 2010)
      In this report, prepared for the City of Gresham and the Sustainable City Year program, climate change preparedness will be discussed as it pertains to the City of Gresham and the Lower Willamette Subbasin. The report ...
    • Gresham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-01-10) 

      Gresham (Gresham, 2006-01-10)
      Amendments to the Gresham Community Development Code to promote clarity, ease of administration and consistency with existing community conditions, circumstances and contemporary land use planning practices. These amendments ...
    • Gresham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-02-13) 

      Gresham (Gresham, 2006-02-13)
      Amendments to the Gresham Community Development Code to 1) Amend the definition of "Family" to be consistent with definitions used by other Oregon jurisdictions and will limit the number of unrelated persons that can live ...
    • Gresham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-02-27) 

      Gresham (Gresham, 2006-02-27)
      Update Goals, Policies and Action Measures pertaining to Statewide- Goal 7 and Statewide Goal 10.
    • Gresham Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-03-14) 

      Gresham (Gresham, 2006-03-14)
      Plan Map amendment from t o