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  • Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2009-01)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government's comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.); MIG, Inc. (City of Wilsonville (OR.), 2006-07)
    The ideal park system will provide an array of park sites with amenities and facilities appropriate to the unique culture of their surroundings. The result of this Master Plan is a park system that is uniquely Wilsonville’s, ...
  • FCS Group; Otak, Inc.; Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm); Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2008-01)
    This Economic Opportunity Analysis (EOA) is consistent with the rules and requirements of Oregon Land Use Planning Goal 9 (Economy), OAR 660-009-0015, and the "Industrial and Other Employment Lands Analysis Guidebook" ...
  • Nevue Ngan Associates; Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2008-07)
    This Area of Concern specifically includes the Old Town area of the City. A portion of Old Town includes properties previously master planned as Wilsonville Square 76. As a result of the West Side master planning effort, ...
  • Palena, Rob; Wilsonville (Or.); MacKay & Sposito; Nevue Ngan Associates; Old Town Neighborhood Committee (Wilsonville, Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2009-01)
    This Area of Concern specifically includes the "Old Town" area of the City. A portion of Old Town includes properties previously master planned as "Wilsonville Square 76." As a result of the West Side master planning ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2006)
    These standards for constructing public facilities in the City of Wilsonville are intended to protect the public health. safety, and welfare by setting forth uniform material and workmanship standards; supplementing and ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.); SMART Transit (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2007-09)
    The Transit Plan locates key destinations within and outside of Wilsonville, in order to plan for the future of the multi-modal transit center. Both the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and the Transit Plan analyze the ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.); Entranco, Inc. (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2003-06-02)
    This document (the Transportation Systems Plan) is a complete update of the City's 1991 Transportation Master Plan and constitutes the transportation element of the City's Comprehensive Plan. Transportation needs, including ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2006-05-15)
    The Villebois Village Master Plan was developed in close coordination with City staff, following adoption of the Villebois Village Concept Plan. The Villebois Village Master Plan affects an estimated 480-acre area ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.); Montgomery Watson Harza (Firm) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2002-01-24)
    The general scope of work for this project was to prepare a Water System Master Plan. The scope included tasks to: review and develop forecasts of population and water demands; develop planning criteria to be used in ...
  • Lennertz Coyle & Associates; Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 1996-12)
    This is the Master Plan for the growth and development of the west Wilsonville planning area. It is a sub-element of the City's Comprehensive Plan. When adopted by ordinance, this Master Plan will have all of the legal ...
  • Mayer/Reed; Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2004-09)
    The purpose of the Memorial Park Trails Plan is to provide a guide that will serve to create a trail system that extends throughout the park to encourage use, improve access, and offer opportunities for passive recreation ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (City of Wilsonville (Or.), 2003-11-03)
    The Wilsonville West Side Urban Renewal Plan (the "Plan") is intended to promote development within the 395-acre Wilsonville West Side Urban Renewal Area (the "Area"). The Area is located within the Wilsonville Urban Growth ...
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (Wilsonville, 2006-04-06)
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (Wilsonville, 2006-04-06)
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (Wilsonville, 2006-05-23)
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (Wilsonville, 2006-12-22)
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (Wilsonville, 2007-07-26)
    Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment from Residential 0-1 du/ac to Residential 4-5 du/ac and a corresponding zone map amendment from Residential Agriculature Holding zone to Residential zone on .69 acres
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (Wilsonville, 2007-10-19)
    A Comprehensive Plan amendment to update the City of Wilsonville Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
  • Wilsonville (Or.) (Wilsonville, 2007-10-23)
    Coffee Creek 1 Master Plan

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