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  • Mhuireach, Gwynne A.; Dietz, Leslie; Griffiths, Willem; Horve, Patrick Finn; Laguerre, Aurelie; Northcutt, Dale; Vandegrift, Roo; Gall, Elliott; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin (Elsevier, 2021)
    Indoor environmental quality is a paramount concern among architects. Exposure to VOCs and microorganisms impacts occupant health, yet the role of materials on these exposures remains poorly understood. In this study, we ...
  • Parhizkar , Hooman (University of Oregon, 2022-05-10)
    The global pandemic has caused myriad damages to the lives of millions of people worldwide. Several studies confirm that indoor spaces are the main hotspots of COVID-19 outbreaks resulting in multiple confirmed instances ...
  • Yauk, Michael; Stenson, Jason; Donor, Micah; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin (MDPI, 2020-10)
    Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from indoor sources are large determinants of the indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupant health. Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a panelized engineered wood product often left ...
  • Coronado, Maria Camila; Feinberg, Stephen; Fretz, Mark; Kwok, Alison; Gotlin, Alexandra; Greenheck, Riley; Lee, Jean; Pfeifer, Natalie; Seely, John; Steeves, Natassjia; Van Den Wymelenberg, Kevin (University of Oregon, 2021)
    This document outlines, catalogs, and summarizes a framework of literature that highlights the impact of school of facilities and classroom environments on student engagement and learning. The NetZED Laboratory at the ...
  • Blankenberger, Denise (University of Oregon, 2019-09-18)
    Humans thermally adapt and respond to the thermal environment in a number of ways, including psychologically. Preliminary evidence suggests that wood can lead to a perceived sensation of warmth while thermal history has ...
  • Ghasemi, Seyedsohrab (University of Oregon, 2022-02-18)
    Views through windows provide a visual connection to the outdoors, information about weather and time, and indoor environments. Observers looking through a window perceive dynamic scene content, but the associated benefits ...

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