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    • Albany : Update of economic opportunity analysis (2007) 

      Albany (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Winterbrook Planning (Firm) (City of Albany (Or.), 2007-09-16)
      This memorandum presents an update to Albany’s EOA. It includes the following sections: recent economic activity in Albany describes the employment trends, business activity, and potential growth industries in the City ...
    • Ashland : Economic opportunities analysis (2007) 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Ashland (Or.) (City of Ashland (Or.), 2007-04)
      This report presents an Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA) for the City of Ashland consistent with the requirements of statewide planning Goal 9 and the Goal 9 administrative rule (OAR 660-009). A goal of this project ...
    • Brookings : EOA preliminary results (2009) 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Brookings (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 2009-04-20)
      The City will need to offset future conversion of commercial land to residential land through the following methods: increasing land use efficiency (e.g., redevelopment); efficient use of opportunity sites; designate ...
    • Coburg : Urbanization study 

      Coburg (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Coburg (Or.), 2004-04)
      The purpose of the Urbanization Study was to (1) evaluate growth forecasts, (2) inventory how much buildable land the City has, (3) identify housing needs, (4) identify economic development strategies, and (5) determine ...
    • Cottage Grove : Economic opportunities analysis (2009) 

      Cottage Grove (Or.); Winterbrook Planning (Firm); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Cottage Grove (Or.), 2009-03-21)
      Our research, and insights from the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), identified several distinct comparative advantages that are likely to attract a wide range of potential employment to Cottage Grove. [From the document]
    • Creswell : Economic opportunities analysis 

      Creswell (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Creswell (Or.), 2005-03)
      This Creswell Economic Opportunities Analysis is designed to comply with Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goal 9....The Economic Opportunities Analysis reports our inventory of buildable non-residential land currently in ...
    • Creswell : North of Oregon Avenue study site economic opportunities (2009) 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Creswell (Or.) (City of Creswell (Or.), 2009-05-21)
      This memorandum is one in a series of documents informing the Concept Plan for development in the area North of Oregon Avenue in Creswell, a project financed by a Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) grant from the ...
    • The Dalles : Economic opportunities analysis (2007) 

      The Dalles (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of The Dalles (Or.), 2007-04)
      This report presents an economic opportunities analysis (EOA) for the City of The Dalles consistent with the requirements of statewide planning Goal 9 and the Goal 9 administrative rule (OAR 660-009) as revised in December ...
    • Eugene : A vision for greater downtown Eugene 

      Lane Transit District (Lane County, Or.); Lennertz Coyle & Associates; University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Eugene (Or.). Public Works Dept.; TBG Architects & Planners; Eugene Water & Electric Board; Eugene (Or.); Pacific Rim Resources, Inc. (City of Eugene (Or.), 2000-11)
      The vision entails enhanced visual and physical connections between downtown, Franklin Boulevard, the University of Oregon and the Willamette River. A network of public open spaces provides opportunities for rest and ...
    • Eugene : Royal Avenue specific plan 

      Eugene (Or.); Eugene (Or.). Public Works Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Police Dept.; ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Kimley-Horn and Associates; Eugene (Or.). Fire and Emergency Services Dept.; Eugene Water & Electric Board; University of Oregon. Center for Housing Innovation; Eugene (Or.). Planning and Development Dept.; Lane Transit District (Lane County, Or.); Eugene (Or.). Dept. of Parks (City of Eugene (Or.), 2003-01)
      The Royal Avenue Specific Plan is a detailed planning document that outlines a vision and an action plan for future development of the Royal Avenue Nodal Development site. The node consists of 191 acres of property located ...
    • Gresham : Evaluation of the redevelopment potential of the former Fred Meyer site in Rockwood (2006) 

      Gresham (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Gresham Redevelopment Commission; Gleason Group; Farkas Group; SERA Architects; Whitlow, Dave; Johnson Gardner; Communitas LLC (City of Gresham (Or.), 2006-03)
      This plan summarizes the physical and market conditions related to the newly acquired property and reviews the previous planning work done. It recommends minimal refinements and suggests five action steps to begin ...
    • Hillsboro : Witch Hazel Village community plan 

      DKS Associates; Kittelson & Associates; Fletcher Farr Ayotte; Johnson Gardner; ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Group MacKenzie; Hillsboro (Or.); Parsons Brinckerhoff (City of Hillsboro (Or.), 2004-02)
      The design for Witch Hazel Village reflects refinements and advancements to previous planning efforts that date back to 1997 when Metro, the regional government, identified the area for future Urban Growth Boundary ...
    • Junction City : Comprehensive plan update summarized work plan 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Junction City (Or.) (City of Junction City (Or.), 2008-07-10)
      The work program provides detail on how the City expects to complete this work. While the work program specifies multiple products for each task, the project can be distilled into several key products: economic opportunities ...
    • Lane County sustainable business and jobs: preliminary list of existing firms and potential opportunities for the Southern Willamette Valley 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd. (Program for Watershed and Community Health, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, University of Oregon, 2003-02-26)
      This document has two components. Part I includes a preliminary list of Lane County companies and organizations that can be considered part of the sustainability sector. Part II briefly summarizes information from readily ...
    • Lebanon : Comprehensive plan 

      Lebanon (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Angelo Eaton & Associates (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2004-12-08)
      The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document giving direction to development within the City’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), including the territory inside both the City limits and the Urban Growth Area (UGA). ...
    • Lebanon : Russell Drive Area mixed use neighborhood center plan 

      Center for Housing Innovation; Lebanon (Or.); Balzhiser and Hubbard Engineers; Satre Associates; ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2003-05-14)
      The purpose of the project is to integrate multi-modal transportation and highway access management with mixed-use land development. The planning process included five phases: 1) Project Start Up, 2) Collection of Data ...
    • Linn County : Community wildfire protection plan 

      Linn County (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd.; LeDuc, Andre; Juntunen, Lorelei; Mitchell, Krista M.; Siepert, Katy (Linn County (Or.), 2007-11)
      This plan describes Linn County’s risk from wildfires as well as the specific steps that it will take to reduce that risk now and in the future. It is a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), a collaborative effort ...
    • McMinnville : Economic opportunities analysis 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; McMinnville (Or.) (City of McMinnville (Or.), 2001-11)
      [T]he document provides the following: review of national, state, and local economic trends as required by OAR 660-009-0015 (1); evaluation of the site requirements of businesses likely to locate in McMinnville as ...
    • McMinnville : residential land needs analysis 

      ECO Northwest, Ltd.; McMinnville (Or.) (City of McMinnville (Or.), 2001-05)
      [T]he document provides the following: a detailed, parcel-level inventory of each vacant, partially vacant, and redevelopable property within the current urban growth boundary, and its capacity to provide for future ...
    • Oregon Annual Social Indicators Survey (OASIS) 1998 

      Oregon Survey Research Laboratory; ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Decision Research, Inc.; Oregon. State Parks and Recreation Dept. (1998)