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    • Eugene pedestrian and bicycle facility design toolkit 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Coates, Sarah; Peterson, Matt; Ojerio, Ryan; Rogan, Tracy; Gipson, Joy; Neff, Ray; Sparks, Andrea; Johnson, Bethany; Parker, Bob; City of Eugene Transportation Planning Team; Transportation Planning Team (Eugene, Or.) (Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium, 2008-06)
    • Florida bicycle facilities planning and design manual 

      Florida. Dept. of Transportation (Florida Dept. of Transportation, 1996-04-10)
    • Pedestrian- and transit-friendly design 

      Ewing, Reid H.; Florida. Dept. of Transportation. Public Transit Office (Public Transit Office, Florida Dept. of Transportation, 1996-03)
    • Planning and designing local pedestrian facilities 

      Zegeer, Charles V.; North Carolina. Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation (North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation, 1997-02)
    • Planning guide for bicycle facilities 

      Governor's Arizona Bicycle Task Force (2010-01-27)
    • Portland pedestrian design guide 

      Pedestrian Transportation Program (Portland, Or.) (Pedestrian Transportation Program, 1998-06)
    • Selecting roadway design treatments to accommodate bicycles 

      Wilkinson, W. C. (William C.); United States. Federal Highway Administration. Office of Safety and Traffic Operations Research and Development; Center for Applied Research; Bicycle Federation of America (U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Office of Safety and Traffic Operations Research and Development, 1994-01)
      This manual is designed to assist transportation planners and engineers in selecting roadway design treatments to accommodate bicycles. This is the first attempt to provide comprehensive guidelines for this process. The ...