Site Improvement Plan: Playground Behavior Intervention

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Title: Site Improvement Plan: Playground Behavior Intervention
Author: Boehme, Joshua
Abstract: Almost all students enjoy recess, going outside, being with friends. Creating a safe environment for all students is a main focus at Jewell Elementary. Looking at our data, this is especially true during less structured times, like the playground. What our data shows is the playground continues to be the number one area of concern when it comes to dangerous, unsafe behaviors. How can we specifically address this concern area? In the research article by Timothy Lewis et al., it outlines two important prevention/early intervention strategies: 1) build prosocial skills; 2) build a continuum of supports from common universal strategies to highly individualized behavior support plans. The Committee for Children discusses simple steps to promoting safe behaviors at recess: 1) develop simple school-wide expectations for playground behaviors; 2) teach them clearly to all students. Thus the SIP Goal for this plan is: Reduce the number of major playground incidents (as measured by ESIS reports) by 50%.
Date: 2009

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