KD Magazine


KD Magazine was a multicultural magazine published by University of Oregon undergraduate students from Winter 2007-Winter 2009. For archives of the magazine's earlier and later titles in Scholars' Bank, see:

Ethos, Spring 2009 to the present, at:http://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/xmlui/handle/1794/9839

Korean Ducks, Jan.-Fall 2006, at: https://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu/xmlui/handle/1794/10179

Recent Submissions

  • McCloskey, Meghan; Keis, Quena; Culp, Maria; Marrs, Allyson; McNamara, Erin; Pettygrove, Grace (Korean Ducks, 2008)
  • Walker, Kelly; McCloskey, Meghan; Balaesh, Liz; Blume, Jessica; Hamm, Carrie; McNamara, Erin (Korean Ducks, 2008)
  • Walker, Kelly; Hilliard, Meghan; Juve, Logan; Knight, Tristen (Korean Ducks, 2007)
  • Knight, Tristen; Juve, Logan (Korean Ducks, 2007)
  • Knight, Tristen; Juve, Logan (Korean Ducks, 2007)