Gender Equity Surveys of Lawyers, Judges, and Court Personnel

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Title: Gender Equity Surveys of Lawyers, Judges, and Court Personnel
Author: Oregon Survey Research Laboratory; Oregon Supreme Court/Oregon State Bar Task Force on Gender Fairness
Description: Contains code book, SPSS data set, full report of judge survey, judge sample report, full report of lawyer survey, lawyer sample report, questionnaire for lawyers, and questionnaire for judges.
Date: 1997

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GENDER Codebook.pdf 118.6Kb PDF View/Open code book
GENDER Data Set.sav 77.27Kb Unknown View/Open SPSS data set
GENDER Judge Full Report.pdf 288.9Kb PDF View/Open report of judge survey
GENDER Judge Sample Report.pdf 53.45Kb PDF View/Open judge sample report
GENDER Lawyer Full Report.pdf 301.7Kb PDF View/Open report of lawyer survey
GENDER Lawyer Sample Report.pdf 53.96Kb PDF View/Open lawyer sample report
Gender_Equity_Survey_Questionnaire_for_Judges.pdf 998.1Kb PDF View/Open
Gender_Equity_Survey_Questionnaire_for_Lawyers.pdf 1.115Mb PDF View/Open

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