Center for Housing Innovation


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The Center for Housing Innovation is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary research, development, and public-service arm of the university. Its purpose is to advance the state of knowledge and professional expertise related to the planning, design, and construction of residential environments, civic buildings, and workplaces in the Pacific Northwest. Members are experts in housing design and production, energy performance in building design, use of natural resources in community planning, regulatory issues such a zoning ordinances and building codes, and user participation in housing and community design. Design quality and sustainability are particular concerns of the center.

With the strong core staff and a wide network of potential resources, the center undertakes research, consulting, educational, and community-service projects. These include research for government agencies, development of design and construction prototypes, creation of innovative community and neighborhood design plans, and development of new zoning ordinances as well as services to civic, community, and neighborhood groups. The center provides consulting services to architects and planners who seek efficient use of energy and material resources.

Students in degree programs of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts actively participate in course offerings by center faculty members, student employment opportunities, and research fellowships.

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Recent Submissions

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