High Performance Envelopes: Architecture 410/510


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This Scholars' Bank collection contains assignments by students in the course High Performance Envelopes: Architecture 410/510 at the University of Oregon School of Architecture, Portland, Oregon. This technical course offers hands-on practice in applying lectures related to high performance envelopes that are in step with the pursuit of sustainability. There is not a more important topic related to the built environment today than the durability and performance of buildings (both existing and new). The largest factor in this topic is the envelope. Class assignments demonstrate an understanding of the advanced tools and factors that form a High Performance Envelope.

Recent Submissions

  • Wilson, Richard H. (University of Oregon, March 15, 2014)
  • Hutton, John (2010)
  • Cassel, Roussa (2010)
  • Coyle, Megan (2010)
  • Sosebee, Geoff (2010)
  • Riegelnegg, Craig (2010)