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NewBreed Librarian was a publication and web site intended to foster a sense of community for those new to librarianship, whether in school or just out. A bimonthly webzine and daily news digest brought attention to the work that librarians do and the issues we care about, as well as highlighted progressive librarians and other information professionals. At the time that the site debuted, there were few such web sites for librarians out there, and none focusing on the broader aspects of librarianship, nor with the image and voice of NewBreed Librarian with its urban, grafitti-inspired graphics and fresh tone.

Editors: Juanita Benedicto, (former) Social Sciences Librarian, University of Oregon Colleen Bell, (former) Library Instruction Coordinator, University of Oregon

Dates: February, 2001 - August, 2002

NewBreed Librarian authors: If you would like a PDF copy of your article, column, or interview, please contact Colleen Bell,

Recent Submissions

  • Ball, David (NewBreed Librarian, 2001)
  • Bell, Colleen; Bradley, Fiona; Robare, Lori; Harper, Corey A. (NewBreed Librarian, August , 2002)
  • Wilcox, Matt; Caldwell, Naomi; Chu, Clara M.; Raybourn, Tanya (NewBreed Librarian, June , 2002)
  • Adamson, Wendy; McGinnis, Michele; Mehr, Linda Harris; Ritter, Travis (NewBreed Librarian, April , 2002)
  • Bell, Colleen; Scheppke, Jim; Wein, Terren Ilana; Kaiser, Shirley (NewBreed Librarian, February , 2002)