Engaging Socially Vulnerable Populations in Community Wildfire Protection Plans

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Title: Engaging Socially Vulnerable Populations in Community Wildfire Protection Plans
Author: Resource Innovations; Forest Guild; Watershed Research and Training Center; Ojerio, Ryan S., 1972-; Lynn, Kathy; Evans, Alexander; DeBonis, Mike; Gerlitz, Wendy
Abstract: Recent catastrophic wildfires in the United States provided images of the destruction of multimillion-dollar homes, dense urban neighborhoods, and vast estates that overlook beautiful forests or the southern California ocean. These images depict real pain and suffering for those who have lost their homes and possessions. What the images fail to show, however, are the small homes, rural communities, and working settlements that experience the same kind of pain and suffering. All communities risk tremendous losses in the face of wildfires, but some communities risk losing more of their assets when their homes or their properties burn. Many rural and under-served communities have no insurance to rebuild their homes; renters are displaced and have no means to recover their valuables; and elderly and disabled residents confront additional threats when responding to events and caring for themselves and their families. Catastrophic wildfire can result in the loss of livelihood for residents and communities as a whole, including loss of jobs, natural resource and tourism industries, and other economic opportunities in the community. The purpose of this document is to provide tools to low-income and under-served communities for protection from wildfire. • Ensure that low capacity communities are incorporated within Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) goals. • Conduct risk assessments that include social as well as biophysical dimensions of risk. • Identify vulnerable populations and develop strategies to meet their needs within a CWPP. • Monitor and evaluate the impact of CWPPs.
Description: 23 p. : col. ill.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/10711
Date: 2008

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