City of Silverton addendum to the Marion County natural hazards mitigation plan

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Title: City of Silverton addendum to the Marion County natural hazards mitigation plan
Author: Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience; Silverton (Or.)
Abstract: Silverton developed this addendum to the Marion County multijurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan in an effort to increase the community’s resilience to natural hazards. The addendum focuses on the natural hazards that could affect the city of Silverton, Oregon, which include drought, flood, earthquake, landslide, volcano, wildfire, wind storm, and severe winter storm. It is impossible to predict exactly when disasters may occur, or the extent to which they will affect the city. However, with careful planning and collaboration among public agencies, private sector organizations, and citizens within the community, it is possible to minimize the losses that can result from natural hazards. The addendum provides a set of actions that aim to reduce the risks posed by natural hazards through education and outreach programs, the development of partnerships, and the implementation of preventative activities through the city’s development code, wastewater system facility plan, emergency operations plan, etc. The actions described in the addendum are intended to be implemented through existing plans and programs within the city.
Description: 183 pp. References, maps, tables, figures, appendices.
Date: 2010-01

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