An index and summary of Oregon building information in the Portland Daily Abstract : 1906-1910

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Title: An index and summary of Oregon building information in the Portland Daily Abstract : 1906-1910
Author: Shellenbarger, Michael
Abstract: Index 1-2A. Topics other than specific buildings ; Buildings sorted by city and building (Portland excluded) -- Index 2B. Portland buildings sorted by building names -- Index 3. Buildings sorted by names of architects/designers -- Index 4. Buildings sorted by names of contractors and other names -- Indexes 5-7. Buildings sorted by significant features ; Buildings sorted by use (houses excluded) ; Portland buildings sorted by section and primary street -- Indexes 8-10. Portland buildings sorted by section and second street ; Portland buildings sorted by section and third street ; Portland buildings sorted by district or addition (partial list) For an extensive guide to this resource see:
Description: 8 volumes represented in 29 separate pdf documents of about 100 pages each.
Date: 1992

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Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_B-C.pdf 29.05Mb PDF View/Open
Index1_contents_and_summaries.pdf 24.32Mb PDF View/Open
Index2A_city_and_bldg_name.pdf 23.68Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_A-B.pdf 31.61Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_C-F.pdf 31.32Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_F-H.pdf 25.44Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_H-I.pdf 29.37Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_I-L.pdf 27.99Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_L-M.pdf 26.19Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_M-O.pdf 25.89Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_O-R.pdf 30.61Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_R-S.pdf 30.62Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_S-W.pdf 30.55Mb PDF View/Open
Index2B_pdx_bldg_name_W-Z.pdf 22.54Mb PDF View/Open
Index3_architect_A-E.pdf 30.03Mb PDF View/Open
Index3_architect_K-M.pdf 30.70Mb PDF View/Open
Index3_architect_M-W.pdf 36.99Mb PDF View/Open
Index4_contractor_A-E.pdf 24.01Mb PDF View/Open
Index4_contractor_E-L.pdf 23.05Mb PDF View/Open
Index4_contractor_L-R.pdf 22.99Mb PDF View/Open
Index4_contractor_R-Z.pdf 22.74Mb PDF View/Open
Index5-6_bldg_features.pdf 23.21Mb PDF View/Open
Index7_primary_street_pt1.pdf 32.61Mb PDF View/Open
Index7_primary_street_pt2.pdf 27.17Mb PDF View/Open
Index7_primary_street_pt3.pdf 23.04Mb PDF View/Open
Index8_second_street_pt1.pdf 32.33Mb PDF View/Open
Index8_second_street_pt2.pdf 20.96Mb PDF View/Open
index9_third_street.pdf 42.08Mb PDF View/Open
Index10_summary_and_appendix.pdf 16.17Mb PDF View/Open
Index3_architect_E-K.pdf 29.37Mb PDF View/Open

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