Bell, Colleen


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This collection contains some of the publications and presentations by Colleen Bell, Library Instruction Coordinator at the University of Oregon 1996-2005 and 2002 recipient of the Corrigan-Solari Library Faculty Fellowship Award. In October 2005 she begins a new position at University College of the Fraser Valley as Information Literacy and Outreach Services Librarian.

Current interests:
Information fluency
Assessment of undegraduate student research
Resource discovery and library web sites
Information/learning commons

Contact information:
Information Literacy and Outreach Services Librarian
University College of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8

604.504.7441 x4396 (v)
604.853.0796 (f)

Web site:
Transplanted Goose

Recent Submissions

  • Ball, David (NewBreed Librarian, 2001)
  • Bell, Colleen; Bradley, Fiona; Robare, Lori; Harper, Corey A. (NewBreed Librarian, August , 2002)
  • Wilcox, Matt; Caldwell, Naomi; Chu, Clara M.; Raybourn, Tanya (NewBreed Librarian, June , 2002)
  • Adamson, Wendy; McGinnis, Michele; Mehr, Linda Harris; Ritter, Travis (NewBreed Librarian, April , 2002)
  • Bell, Colleen; Scheppke, Jim; Wein, Terren Ilana; Kaiser, Shirley (NewBreed Librarian, February , 2002)