Conventional Wisdoms of Woody Biomass Utilization

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Title: Conventional Wisdoms of Woody Biomass Utilization
Author: Becker, Dennis R.; Abbas, Dalia; Halvorsen, Kathleen E.; Jakes, Pamela J.; McCaffrey, Sarah; Moseley, Cassandra
Abstract: Despite efforts to increase biomass utilization, uncertainty exists regarding the characteristics necessary to stimulate biomass utilization, effectiveness of agency and local efforts, and the role of partnerships in building the types of capacity necessary to expedite biomass removal. The purpose of this study is to identify and assess utilization challenges in different parts of the United States. The information collected through case studies is used to address persistent conventional wisdoms to biomass utilization that may help land managers better accomplish project objectives through informed planning and implementation. It may also be used to illuminate particular barriers to biomass utilization that can be addressed through policy development at the local, state, or national level.
Description: 60 p.
Date: 2009

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