Oak Habitat Mapping and Monitoring in the Southern Eugene Ridgeline

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Title: Oak Habitat Mapping and Monitoring in the Southern Eugene Ridgeline
Author: Bigalke, Brittany; Kimmy, Ertel; Liston, Matthew; Park, Alex; Russell, Alexandria; Silva, Matt
Abstract: The prevention of fire regimes, in combination with increasing urbanization, has led to a drastic decline in woodland oak habitats over the past 150 years in the Pacific Northwest. Currently, less than 2% of pre-European settlement oak habitat remains in the Southern Willamette Valley. Oak habitats art: home to a wide: range of rare plants and animals. As a result, the City of Eugene made conserving oak habitats one of their top priorities. As members of the Ridgeline Oaks Team, we collected data within these native oak habitats to help the City of Eugene implement a future management plan and protocol. We compared the accuracy of previous habitat delineations to the data we collected in the field and found that the former habitat delineations were only 55% accurate. We collected baseline data as well as data on heritage trees, which are mature trees that are important for their eco10gical and historical value. We also modified the protocol to adapt to the conditions in the field and improve efficiency.
Description: Submitted to the Undergraduate Library Research Award scholarship competition: 2010-2011. 63 p.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/11041
Date: 2011-03-16

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