An Integrated Environment for Intelligent Energy Design

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Title: An Integrated Environment for Intelligent Energy Design
Author: Brambley, Michael R.; Quadrel, Richard W.; Stratton, Rex C.; Brown, G. Z.; Meacham, Matt; Miller, Peter; Pohl, Jens G.; La Porta, John; Snyder, James; Selkowitz, Steven E.; Papamichael, Konstantinos; Bailey, Mark L.
Abstract: The design of energy-efficient buildings can be aided by intelligent computer tools that can evaluate design solutions and make recommendations for improving the buildings' energy performance. Such tools can be very productive when they are integrated with existing computer-aided design technology. Pacific Northwest Laboratory, in collaboration with the University of Oregon, the California Polytechnic State University, and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, is developing such tools and integrating them into a computational environment that can be easily used by architects, engineers, and designers. This project, called the Advanced Energy Design and Operations Technologies (ABDOT) project, intends to demonstrate how building energy performance can be improved by combining expertise from a variety of domain perspectives during the design process. This paper describes the first prototype to emerge from the AEDOT work. AEDOT Prototype 1 consists of several design and energy tools that have been integrated using the lCADS framework developed at California Polytechnic State University. The prototype demonstrates how an integrated system responds to a building design as it is being developed on a CAD system. While the designer draws a building floor plan, a number of intelligent design tools (IDTs) examine the drawing and evaluate the design's acoustics, thermal profile, daylighting use, cost, and compliance with energy standards, to name a few. These IDTs also make design-specific recommendations intended to improve the cost, energy performance, and overall quality of the design.
Description: 8 p.
Date: 1992

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