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    • "A Setting in Search of a City": A Research Project 

      Shanks, Nicholas (University of Oregon, 2013)
      Modern day Vancouver is perhaps one of the finest cities of today not only for its beautiful natural setting but because of its progressive planning efforts that have taken place over the past 50 years. The following ...
    • Sustainable Infi ll Projects- Presidio, San Francisco and Battery Park, NYC 

      Ruzomberka, Sara (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2011)
      The Presidio National Park in San Francisco and Battery Park in New York City are both sustainable infill projects that have been developed in recent years, each with successes and failures. These projects attempt to ...
    • Urban Growth in Copenhagen: Addressing Challenges Through Regional Urban Design 

      Maternoski, John M. (University of Oregon, 2013)
      Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city of 500,000 enjoys a rich history of great success for its architecture, design, and urban planning. The city’s “five finger plan,” developed in 1947 by Steen Eiler Rasmussen is one of the ...