Use of ontologies in information extraction

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Title: Use of ontologies in information extraction
Author: Wimalasuriya, Daya Chinthana
Abstract: Information extraction (IE) aims to recognize and retrieve certain types of information from natural language text. For instance, an information extraction system may extract key geopolitical indicators about countries from a set of web pages while ignoring other types of information. IE has existed as a research field for a few decades, and ontology-based information extraction (OBIE) has recently emerged as one of its subfields. Here, the general idea is to use ontologies--which provide formal and explicit specifications of shared conceptualizations--to guide the information extraction process. This dissertation presents two novel directions for ontology-based information extraction in which ontologies are used to improve the information extraction process. First, I describe how a component-based approach for information extraction can be designed through the use of ontologies in information extraction. A key idea in this approach is identifying components of information extraction systems which make extractions with respect to specific ontological concepts. These components are termed "information extractors". The component-based approach explores how information extractors as well as other types of components can be used in developing information extraction systems. This approach has the potential to make a significant contribution towards the widespread usage and commercialization of information extraction. Second, I describe how an ontology-based information extraction system can make use of multiple ontologies. Almost all previous systems use a single ontology, although multiple ontologies are available for most domains. Using multiple ontologies in information extraction has the potential to extract more information from text and thus leads to an improvement in performance measures. The concept of information extractor, conceived in the component-based approach for information extraction, is used in designing the principles for accommodating multiple ontologies in an ontology-based information extraction system.
Description: xiii, 149 p. : ill. (some col.)
Date: 2011-03

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