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    • Downtown Parks Connectivity Analysis with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

      Bean, Trafton; Schlossberg, Marc (University of Oregon, 2010)
      The following report documents the ideas, proposals, and methodologies produced by the Sustainable City Year (SCY) Downtown Parks Connectivity project for the City of Salem. The Downtown Parks Connectivity project members ...
    • Minto-Brown Island Park Citizen Communications Strategy 

      Nelson, Jonathan; Stavitsky, Al (University of Oregon, 2010)
      The city collaborated with students from the University of Oregon’s Strategic Communication program to develop a communication plan to address a variety of concerns. The city specifically wanted students to create a plan ...
    • Minto-Brown Island Park Studio 

      Bingle, Logan; Nevers, Vanessa; Ruggeri, Deni (University of Oregon, 2010)
      The City of Salem asked the Minto-Brown Island Park research and design studio, led by University of Oregon Landscape Architecture Professor Deni Ruggeri, to provide a new interpretive trail plan for Minto-Brown Island ...