Constructing Success for Black Students in Suburban High School

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Title: Constructing Success for Black Students in Suburban High School
Author: Lake, Johnny A.
Abstract: Considerable literature supports that teachers are important to student achievement, but few studies have assessed the student voice to determine what specific teacher behaviors and interactions affect achievement. This study is a secondary analysis of existing data from a local implementation of a national survey of student appraisals of teacher-student relationships, school experiences and their impacts on achievement. Data were analyzed to explore differences in perceptions for White and Black students, for higher- and lower-performing Black students and for Black males and females who attend suburban, high SES, high-performing, predominantly White high schools. Findings indicate an achievement gap between Black and White students, Black higher- and lower-performing and Black male and female students in predominantly White high schools. Students' perceptions of specific teacher interactions, school experiences and achievement differed and were impacted by race and gender effects, but more positive appraisals of student-teacher interactions and school experiences were positively related to improved achievement for all students.
Description: x, 138 p. : ill. (some col.)
Date: 2011-06

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