Brownfields/Green Neighborhoods: Integrating Riverfront Park with Pringle Creek

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Title: Brownfields/Green Neighborhoods: Integrating Riverfront Park with Pringle Creek
Author: Costic, Alexandra; Ochs, Kelsey; Thoren, Roxi
Abstract: University of Oregon students in a combined architecture and landscape architecture studio worked together to research and develop ideas for integrating Riverfront Park with Pringle Creek and for the redevelopment of downtown Salem’s South Waterfront. Working with City of Salem staff, students explored sustainable urban design-based approaches to the revitalization of the thirteenacre riverfront site that included ecological restoration, riverfront access and transportation improvements, and community-oriented land use. Student recommendations drew from City of Salem goals for the South Waterfront Urban Renewal Area, which include daylighting Pringle Creek, improving bicycle and pedestrian access to the site and to Riverfront Park, and promoting profitable mixed-use development. During the Spring 2011 term, students worked to demonstrate ways in which principles of environmental design coupled with community-oriented land use would give the South Waterfront a productive role in Salem once again.
Description: 70 pages
Date: 2010

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