Boron in Disguise: Towards BN Biomimics

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Title: Boron in Disguise: Towards BN Biomimics
Author: Abbey, Eric Ryan, 1980-
Abstract: Chemists have long recognized the potential of the BN bond to mimic CC double bonds in aromatic systems. Phenyl and indole are two of the most important arenes in natural systems, as well as medicine, applied chemistry, and materials science. Despite the potential of BN arenes as phenyl and indole mimics in biomolecules, few isoelectronic and isostructural BN biomolecules have been synthesized. Substitution of BN for C=C imparts tunability to aromatic systems, giving new and potentially valuable properties to the resulting molecules. Our group has sought to expand the utility of BN arenes by developing the synthetic arsenal available to chemists seeking to incorporate the BN bond into biological and other organic molecules of importance. The scope of this dissertation is twofold: (1) development of the first "fused" BN indole, including a survey of its reactivity towards electrophiles, synthesis of the parent N -H compound with complete characterization, and a comparison to natural indole and (2) expansion of the synthetic methodologies for constructing 1,2-dihydro-1,2-azaborine derivatives, including complete structural characterization of a family of "pre-aromatic" and aromatic compounds and a protection-free synthesis of azaborines. The contributions outlined in this dissertation expand both the fundamental understanding of BN isosterism in aromatic molecules and the synthetic toolbox for chemists seeking to incorporate BN arenes into biological and other organic motifs. This dissertation includes previously published and unpublished coauthored material.
Description: xv, 219 p. : ill. (some col.)
Date: 2011-09

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