Management Strategy for Songzhuang Culture and Creative Industry Cluster

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Title: Management Strategy for Songzhuang Culture and Creative Industry Cluster
Author: Yang, Nan
Abstract: The culture and creative industry idea has swept all over the world. The concept for relying on human intelligence as a way to develop the economy has also found its position in China. In 2006, Beijing Government officially confirmed ten Culture and Creative Industry Clusters, Songzhuang Culture and Creative Industry Cluster (SCCIC) is one of the largest. After almost twenty years development, in 2010, Songzhuang Township Government has announced that SCCIC will become Beijing’s Center Arts District (CAD). This paper examines the current situation for SCCIC from its management model, public sector’s support and private sector’s support. There are three main problems existing inside SCCIC, which are a contradiction between the Songzhuang Management Committee and the artists, the inequity problem that is seen from an artists’ perspective, and the government’s bureaucratic problem in providing policy for SCCIC. This research then provides suggestions for solving these problems, which include: enhancing the importance of Songzhuang Arts Promotion Association; providing artists with health insurance and other social welfare programs inside SCCIC; setting up efficient policies to support SCCIC.
Description: 72 p. Examining committee chair: John Fenn
Date: 2012-06

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