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    • Mt. Hood Territory Website Evaluation 

      West, Amanda; Tosuntikool, Neil; Kribs, Tracy; Berumen, Daniel (2010-07)
      An evaluation of current CCTACA website through the eyes of potential visitors, partners and staff of the organization
    • 2010 Silverton Community Survey 

      Unknown author (2010-08)
      This survey is to gather information from Silverton residents regarding their thoughts and feelings on the quality of life in Silverton, job creation and economic development, city services and local government, parks ...
    • Pivotal Leaders Network Formative Evaluation 

      Parker, Ro; Malone, Erin; Otwell, Claire (2010-09)
      The Pivotal Leaders Network engaged the University of Oregon’s Economic Development Center to conduct a formative evaluation of the Network. Members of the Pivotal Leaders network have been recognized by their peers as ...
    • Douglas County Economic Development Forum Summary Report 

      Unknown author (2010-12)
      This report is an analysis of Douglas County’s current economic development efforts. The project includes the following elements: (1) an inventory and evaluation of economic plans in Douglas County; (2) a list of ...
    • EWEB McKenzie Basin Agriculture Producer Survey 

      Parker, Robert; MacFarland, Kate (2011-01)
      The Eugene Water and Electric board is interested in learning about perceptions of agricultural producers—farmers, ranchers, and other growers—in the McKenzie Watershed. The University of Oregon' ...
    • Oregon Biogas Facility Permitting Guide 

      Parker, Robert; Howard, Michael; Steckler, Becky; Fisher, Julie; West, Amanda; Ellis, Sharon; Koenig, Kristina; Mild, Courtney; Peters, Nicole (2012-07-02)
      Biogas, derived from anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, is a small but growing source of energy in Oregon. Given Oregon’s strong agricultural sector, there is the potential to close t ...
    • Oregon Statewide Economic Development Needs Assessment: A Survey of Economic Development Specialists 

      Parker, Robert; Osboda, Tom; Smith, Megan; Margerum, Richard; Young, Robert; Turnoy, Scott; Steckler, Becky (2012-07-02)
      This report presents the results of a statewide economic development needs assessment of Oregon communities. The primary objective of the needs assessment was to better understand economic deve ...