A Reassessment of the Genetic Classification of Miluk Coos

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Title: A Reassessment of the Genetic Classification of Miluk Coos
Author: Doty, Christopher
Abstract: This work presents the first in-depth analysis of Miluk Coos, a language previously spoken on the southern Oregon Coast. Miluk is normally classified as a member of the Oregon Coast Penutian group, a sub-branch of the Penutian phylum. However, Miluk demonstrates a number of affinities with the Salish language family. These similarities can be seen in a variety of domains. There are morphosyntactic features in Miluk which appear to resemble phenomena seen in Salishan languages. Additionally, some apparent cognates with Proto-Salish are discussed, including some which seem to exhibit regular correspondences.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/12404
Date: 2012

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