Textualidad e Identidad: Por una Teoría de la Intertextualidad en los Andes

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Title: Textualidad e Identidad: Por una Teoría de la Intertextualidad en los Andes
Author: Aranda, Blanca
Abstract: There is an intertextual web unique to Andean culture that goes beyond references to literary texts. This dissertation analyzes an alternative text, Andean textiles, two intimately related textual practices: Andean cosmology and story telling variants, and two written texts: the XVI century quechua manuscript Gods and Men from Huarochirí and José María Arguedas’ last novel The Fox from Up Above and the Fox from Down Below. In this analysis, I place the oral trace of the fox character, shared by the textualities consulted, at the center of an intertextual web that gives us an Andean perspective on the concept of cultural encounter. Through the reconstruction of this intertextual web that shares the common ground of orality, it can be said that the fox character is capable of traversing opposite spaces and inhabiting areas of contact, and we find that all of the textualities where he is to be found share the recurring tropes of origin, immigration and mestizaje. As a central conclusion of my study in regards to the relationship between textuality and identity, I propose that the way in which the fox has been textualized expresses with an admirable constancy the dilemma of a subject that transits and therefore belongs to two different worlds: condemned to lose yet destined to survive. This dissertation intends to lead to a new perspective on two literary classics, to open up space for other kinds of textualities and textual practices, to redefine the theory of intertextuality paying attention to the text and context dynamic and most importantly to stress the influence of textuality in identity formation. This dissertation is written in Spanish.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/12409
Date: 2012

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