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    • Nehalem : Downtown transportation plan 

      Nehalem (Or.); CH2M Hill, inc.; Angelo Eaton & Associates; Alta Planning and Design (City of Nehalem (Or.), 2003-06)
      The Nehalem Downtown Transportation Plan addresses key transportation issues in the city (see Figure 1-1). The plan focuses on U.S. 101 in Nehalem, with specific attention to the intersection where U.S. 101 makes a ...
    • Nehalem Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-07-12) 

      Nehalem (Nehalem, 2010-07-12)
      Adopted new Sign regulations and standards; Eliminated a Special Conditional Use Standard requiring a 30' setback for Public, Instutional, Health Facilities and others; Modified Nonconforming Use standards to ensure ...
    • Newberg : ADA/pedestrian/bike route improvement plan 

      Alta Planning and Design; Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2007-06)
      The ADA/Pedestrian/Bike Route Improvement Plan (referred to as "the Plan") identifies the primary critical routes between residential, commercial, and industrial areas that have service gaps and deficiencies for ADA ...
    • Newberg : Affordable housing action plan (2009) 

      Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2009-05-04)
      This plan includes actions that the Committee considers to be appropriate for implementation within our community at this time. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the affordable housing actions available. ...
    • Newberg : Comprehensive plan 

      Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2005-02-07)
      This Plan is intended to guide the growing land use needs of the City until the year 2010. As required by State Senate Bill 100, the Plan addresses and is consistent with established statewide goals and guidelines. At ...
    • Newberg : Comprehensive plan (2007) 

      Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2007-02-20)
      This Plan is intended to guide the growing land use needs of the City until the year 2010. As required by State Senate Bill 100, the Plan addresses and is consistent with established statewide goals and guidelines. At ...
    • Newberg : Development code 

      Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 1996-12-02)
      Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
    • Newberg : Residential development design guidelines 

      Newberg (Or.); Browning-Shono Architects (City of Newberg (Or.), 1997-07)
      The Handbook is intended to support goals and policies already espoused by the City in its Comprehensive Plan and its Transportation System Plan. Six major goals of the design guidelines are: promote the development of ...
    • Newberg : Riverfront master plan 

      Newberg (Or.); GreenWorks PC; KPFF Consulting Engineers; Fishman Environmental Services (City of Newberg (Or.), 2002-10-15)
      The Riverfront Master Plan... puts a new focus on Newberg's riverfront and sets the stage for development of a vibrant neighborhood combining small scale commercial, housing of various types, and open space oriented toward ...
    • Newberg : Sewerage master plan update 2007 

      Newberg (Or.); Brown and Caldwell (City of Newberg (Or.), 2007-06-21)
      Demands on the sanitary collection system are expanding as Newberg’s population grows. Land use and population have changed substantially since the preparation of the Sewerage Master Plan in 1985. Then, the City’s population ...
    • Newberg : Springbrook master plan 

      Newberg (Or.); Springbrook Properties, Inc.; Lease Crutcher Lewis; Knapp, Walter H.; Pacific Habitat Services; Lancaster Engineering; GeoDesign, Inc.; WRG Design, Inc.; GGLO (Firm) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2008-06)
      The Springbrook Master Plan is intended to provide the framework for future development to occur that is consistent with the Proposed Conceptual Master Plan (pg. 29) for the property. The Master Plan functions in concert ...
    • Newberg : Springbrook Oaks specific plan 

      Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 1999-08-02)
      The Springbrook Oaks Specific Plan is intended to provide a coordinated framework for development of one of the largest undeveloped areas in Newberg. Springbrook Oaks will be a mixed use development, containing multi-family ...
    • Newberg : Transportation system plan 

      Newberg (Or.); Angelo Eaton & Associates; Kittelson & Associates (City of Newberg (Or.), 2005-06)
      This transportation system plan ... will guide the management and development of appropriate transportation facilities within Newberg, incorporating the community's vision, while remaining consistent with state, regional, ...
    • Newberg : Urban renewal plan 

      Spencer & Kupper; Group MacKenzie; Newberg (Or.); Newberg Urban Renewal Agency (City of Newberg (Or.), 2001-11)
      The purpose of this Renewal Plan is to eliminate blighting influences found in the Renewal Area, to implement goals and objectives of the City of Newberg Comprehensive Plan, and to implement development strategies and ...
    • Newberg : Wastewater treatment plant facilities plan update 

      Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2007-07-16)
      Goals of the Facilities Plan Update: meeting existing and predicted regulatory requirements to protect the environment; prepare for community growth; ensure the maintenance of the City's valuable community investment. ...
    • Newberg Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-01-09) 

      Newberg (Newberg, 2006-01-09)
      The proposal is to adopt a revised economic opportunity analysis for the City of Newberg as part of the City's Comprehensive Plan.
    • Newberg Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-01-10) 

      Newberg (Newberg, 2006-01-10)
      Amends various policies in the Newberg Comprehensive Plan regarding future growth and quality of life.
    • Newberg Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-03-21) 

      Newberg (Newberg, 2006-03-21)
    • Newberg Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-03-23) 

      Newberg (Newberg, 2006-03-23)
    • Newberg Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-06-12) 

      Newberg (Newberg, 2006-06-12)
      Adopted three items as part of the Newberg Comprehensive Plan: Sportsman Airpark Master Plan, Zoning Map amendments, and Development Code amendments.