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    • Rainier : Comprehensive plan 

      Rainier (Or.) (City of Rainier (Or.), 2003-01-21)
      The City of Rainier uses the Comprehensive Plan document to state findings and policies and the Zoning Ordinance, Land Division Ordinance and other regulations to govern the use and development of land within the city. ...
    • Rainier : Development code 

      Rainier (Or.) (City of Rainier (Or.), 2005-06-20)
      Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
    • Rainier : Transportation system plan 

      Rainier (Or.); Kittelson & Associates; W&H Pacific (City of Rainier (Or.), 1997-09)
      A comprehensive analysis of the transportation system in the Rainier area has been prepared in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation, the City of Rainier, the Rainier Transportation Plan Advisory ...
    • Rainier Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-04-05) 

      Rainier (Rainier, 2006-04-05)
      dinance 1028 approved 4-3-06 by the Rainier City Council ordained two Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment and Zone Mape designation applications by adjoining property owners Rod Richards, President of Washington Home Center ...
    • Rainier Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-04-19) 

      Rainier (Rainier, 2007-04-19)
      An amendment reversing the industrial symbols Ml and M2 for consistency with Columbia County Zoning. An amendment to zoning code 6.6 that extends the discontinuance of a non-conforming use from 6 months to 18 months.
    • Rainier Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-11-19) 

      Rainier (Rainier, 2010-11-19)
    • Rainier Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-11-22) 

      Rainier (Rainier, 2010-11-22)
      An Ordinance Pertaining to Flood Damage Prevention in the City of Rainier. As mandated by FEMA and Oregon DLCD
    • Rainier Notice of Adopted Amendment (2013-12-20) 

      City of Rainier (City of Rainier, 2013-12-20)
    • Rajneeshpuram : Comprehensive plan (1982) 

      Rajneeshpuram (Or.) (Rajneeshpuram (Or.), 1982-09-07)
      The plan is divided into three related volumes, each following from the other. The first volume is entitled "Research and Analysis," the second "Land Use Plan," and the third "Development Code." [From the Plan]
    • Redmond : 2030 parks master plan update 

      Redmond (Or.); David Evans and Associates (City of Redmond (Or.), 2008-01)
      The general purpose of the plan is to: update the previous plan by listing park improvements accomplished; identify and locate proposed new parks in relation to the UGB expansion; establish a range of park types (e.g. ...
    • Redmond : Comprehensive plan 

      Redmond (Or.) (City of Redmond (Or.), 2001-06-22)
      Redmond's Comprehensive land use planning, required by Oregon law, creates goals and policies that support good jobs and affordable homes, protects natural resources, and preserves historic buildings. The Comprehensive ...
    • Redmond : Development ordinance 

      Redmond (Or.) (City of Redmond (Or.), 2004-11-23)
      Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
    • Redmond : Downtown action plan update 

      Dugger, Vicki; Marketek, Inc.; Redmond (Or.); David Evans and Associates; Johnson Gardner; SERA Architects; Oregon Downtown Development Association (City of Redmond (Or.), 2006-05)
      The City and Urban Renewal Board actively implement the 2000 Downtown Action. Specifically, many components of the plan have been successfully implemented â including streetscape and alley enhancements, and the ...
    • Redmond : Downtown architectural design standards 

      Redmond (Or.); Oregon Downtown Development Association; SERA Architects (City of Redmond (Or.), 2006-05)
      The focus of Redmond’s Downtown Architectural Design Standards is pedestrian-oriented street life, which has long been hampered by heavy traffic volumes and freight movement along US97. The Downtown Design Standards originate ...
    • Redmond : Downtown market analysis & business development plan 

      Redmond (Or.); Marketek, Inc. (City of Redmond (Or.), 2006-05)
      The purpose of this analysis is to: provide a comprehensive assessment of potential market support for retail uses in the downtown Redmond commercial district; create an accurate picture of Redmond’s retail industry including ...
    • Redmond : Downtown plan 

      Redmond (Or.); Walker-Macy; Barney & Worth, Inc.; Steele Associates Architects; Hickman, Williams & Associates (City of Redmond (Or.), 2000-08)
      In August 1995, the Redmond City Council established an urban renewal district which includes the downtown area, the 5th and 6th Street corridor north of downtown, some industrial lands, and the former Deschutes ...
    • Redmond : Downtown preliminary development plan implementation memo 

      Redmond (Or.); SERA Architects; Johnson Gardner; H & A Construction (City of Redmond (Or.), 2007-04-27)
      The Downtown Preliminary Development Plan lays out a development vision that is intended to reinvigorate Redmondâ s Down-town core. It envisions a unique, mixed-use heart for Redmond that responds to and strengthens ...
    • Redmond : Greater Redmond community wildfire protection plan 

      Redmond (Or.); Project Wildfire; Lighthall, Kate (City of Redmond (Or.), 2006-11-19)
      This document outlines the priorities, strategies and action plans for fuels reduction treatments in the greater Redmond wildland urban interface. This CWPP also addresses special areas of concern and makes recommendations ...
    • Redmond : Next steps for Redmondâ s downtown urban renewal district 

      Dugger, Vicki; SERA Architects; Redmond (Or.); Oregon Downtown Development Association (City of Redmond (Or.), 2004-12)
      This Next Steps Report serves as a follow-up to the on- and off-site work that included a review of existing plans, codes, Urban Renewal projects and information gathered from downtown stakeholders. The purpose of this ...
    • Redmond : Public facilities plan 

      Redmond (Or.) (City of Redmond (Or.), 2008-03-11)
      With expansion of the UGB, there became an immediate need to update all existing infrastructure master plans to determine necessary new public infrastructure facilities within the new 2,299 acre expansion areas. Given ...