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    • Waldport : Comprehensive plan 

      Waldport (Or.) (City of Waldport (Or.), 1991-01)
      The electronic copy of Waldport's Comprehensive Plan consists of three documents posted together on the City's Web site in one PDF file. They are: inventory; estuary plan; goals and policies.
    • Waldport : Development code 

      Waldport (Or.) (City of Waldport (Or.), 2001-09-06)
      Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
    • Waldport : Parks and recreation plan 

      Waldport (Or.); Waldport (Or.). Parks and Recreation Committee; Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments (City of Waldport (Or.), 2005-02)
      The City of Waldport Parks and Recreation Committee, with assistance from Cascades West Council of Governments, drafted this document to update and expand upon the 1998 Waldport Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The ...
    • Waldport : Transportation system plan 

      Waldport (Or.); TriLand Design Group; Kittelson & Associates; Macdonald Environmental Planning (Firm) (City of Waldport (Or.), 1999-06-09)
      The City of Waldport has received a State of Oregon grant to prepare a Transportation System Plan (TSP). The Plan will result in a plan to satisfy the community's transportation needs and desires for the 20 year ...
    • Waldport : Urban renewal plan 

      Waldport (Or.); Spencer & Kupper (City of Waldport (Or.), 2005-07)
      The Waldport Urban Renewal Plan #2 is conceived as a means to help create new property values, and stimulate economic growth in Waldport. The primary intent of the plan is to provide the infrastructure needed to allow and ...
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-01-31) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2007-01-31)
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-11-28) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2007-11-28)
      1. The lot area and density calculations for ocean and bay front properties are revised; 2. Development is restricted within the zone of riparian vegetation and 25 feet landward from the top of bluff; 3. Siting standards ...
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-11-17) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2009-11-17)
      Update Waldport Development Code Section 16.68 Flood Hazard Overlay Zone to be in accordance with FEMA standards and continued eligibility in the National Flood Insurance Program.
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-11-17) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2009-11-17)
      The amendment is a zone change from Planned Industrial Zone I-P to Residential Zone R-l, and a comprehensive plan map amendment from Planned Industrial to Residential Single to Tax Lot 500 of Lincoln County Tax Assessor's ...
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-02-17) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2010-02-17)
      Update Waldport Comprehensive Plan !0 Goals and Policies, 2) Inventory, and 3) Transportation System Plan Section IV.
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2011-05-04) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2011-05-04)
      The proposed text amendment provides regulations pertaining to tower facilities. The amendments provide a new definition of "tower"; restricts towers from being located in some zoning districts; allows tower facilities as ...
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2012-04-25) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2012-04-25)
      F 'e amendments: A. Street Hammerheads (Vehicle Turnaround) required by the City and Fire District. B. Chickens and Ducks allowed wjrh restrictions. C. Geologic Hazards Report required on slopes of 20% or greater. D. ...
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2012-07-05) 

      Waldport (Waldport, 2012-07-05)
      The Yaquina John Point Land Use & Transportation Plan addresses future land use, Hwy 101 improvements, and local bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle circulation for a 150 acre area located in west Waldport. The plan includes ...
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2013-10-01) 

      City of Waldport (City of Waldport, 2013-10-01)
    • Waldport Notice of Adopted Amendment (2015-04-17) 

      City of Waldport (City of Waldport, 2015-04-17)
    • Wallowa : Comprehensive plan (1982) 

      Wallowa (Or.) (City of Wallowa (Or.), 1983-04-26)
      This Land Use Plan is a public document prepared by the City Council with assistance and input from community residents. It provides long-range guidelines for decision-making with regard to land use suitability, development ...
    • Wallowa : Transportation system plan 

      Wallowa (Or.); David Evans and Associates (City of Wallowa (Or.), 2001-03)
      The Wallowa Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities for the next 20 years. This TSP constitutes the transportation ...
    • Warrenton : Trails master plan 

      Warrenton Trails Association; Warrenton (Or.); Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (Program); RARE (City of Warrenton (Or.), 2007-07-07)
      The goal of the Warrenton Trails master Plan is to create a comprehensive network of trails that links destinations, natural features, historic landmarks, community facilities, other transportation facilities, neighborhoods, ...
    • Warrenton : Transportation system plan 

      Warrenton (Or.); Angelo Eaton & Associates; CH2M Hill, inc. (City of Warrenton (Or.), 2004-02)
      The City of Warrenton, in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), initiated a study of the City's transportation system in 2002. The Warrenton Comprehensive Plan is currently undergoing periodic ...
    • Warrenton : Urban renewal district plan 

      Benkendorf Associates; Johnson Gardner; Warrenton (Or.) (City of Warrenton (Or.), 2007-06-28)
      The City of Warrenton Urban Renewal Plan has been prepared to further encourage infill, rehabilitation and redevelopment that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations adopted by the Warrenton City ...