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    • Salem : Mill Creek Industrial Park urban renewal plan 

      Parametrix, Inc.; Salem (Or.). Urban Development Dept.; Otak, Inc.; Salem (Or.). Dept. of Community Development. Planning Division; Leland Consulting Group; Salem (Or.). Public Works Dept.; Salem (Or.). Dept. of Community Services; Cascade Economic Planning; DKS Associates; Salem (Or.); Salem (Or.). Dept. of Community Development (City of Salem (Or.), 2005-04-07)
      The purpose of the Plan is to use the tools provided by urban renewal (ORS 457) to overcome barriers to the development of the Area, which is currently vacant, and create economic opportunities that will benefit local ...
    • Salem : West Salem Gateway Area refinement plan 

      Salem (Or.); Satre Associates; ECO Northwest, Ltd.; PTV America; Salem (Or.). Urban Development Dept. (City of Salem (Or.), 2005-06-30)
      The West Salem Gateway Area Refinement Plan (Refinement Plan) provides background information and recommended policy direction for public and private decisions affecting the growth, development, redevelopment and ...