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  • Woodburn (Or.) (City of Woodburn (Or.), 2001-07-09)
    The purpose of this Renewal Plan is to eliminate blighting influences found in the Renewal Area, to implement goals and objectives of the City of Woodburn Comprehensive Plan, and to implement development strategies and ...
  • Woodburn (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Transportation (Oregon Dept. of Transportation, 2005-11)
    The chief purpose of the IAMP is to: protect the function of the reconstructed interchange to serve statewide and regional travel through the 2025 planning horizon; minimize the probability of needing additional major ...
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2006-05-18)
    Mill Creek Greenwav and Pathway Master Plan is intended to provide a roadmap to accomplish the policies prescribed in the Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan.
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2006-09-20)
    Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment from "Industrial" to "Commercial" and Zone Change from "Light Industrial" to "Commercial General" to allow for the expansion of an auto dealership.
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2007-06-28)
    Designate in which zones a video rental business is allowed. Allow shared parking for day and night users of parking areas and allow additional shared parking in conjunction with transit-related improvements. Clarify finance ...
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2008-09-12)
    Annual review of the Development Ordinance. Revise Significant Trees provisions to include a fee-in lieu of replacement provision. Review architectural wall standards to add specific percent color or texture standards. ...
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2009-07-17)
    This Comprehensive Plan text amendment is to adopt the updated City of Woodburn Parks & Recreation Master Plan as a sub-exhibit to the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2010-01-29)
    A TGM grant funded the update to the Woodburn Downtown Development Update (DDPU). Amendments including updating the Comprehensive Plan Text by emphasizing the importance of Woodburn's downtown; amending the Transportation ...
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2010-03-26)
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2010-12-23)
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2012-08-31)
    The property i currently zoned Industrial Park (IP), and is developed v .th a 13,780 square foot building. The applicant requests a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment to change the designation to from Industrial to Commercial, ...
  • Woodburn (Or.) (Woodburn, 2012-09-21)
    The C .y has developed a corridor plan for Highway 99E, with ODOT, Marion County, consultants, residents, and business owners. Over the past two years, concepts have been developed and refined in a series of public workshops. ...
  • Woodburn (Or.) (City of Woodburn, 2013-10-01)
  • Woodburn (Or.) (City of Woodburn, 2013-10-01)
  • Woodburn (Or.) (City of Woodburn, 2014-08-01)
  • Yachats (Or.) (City of Yachats (Or.), 2002-11-14)
    The city’s comprehensive plan is intended to not only address statewide planning goals, but to also take into account local land use planning needs and issues. The plan, once adopted, will serve as a guide to land use ...
  • Yachats (Or.) (City of Yachats (Or.), 2008-05-08)
    The City's comprehensive plan is intended to not only address statewide planning goals, but to take into account local land use planning needs and issues and responds to the desires, needs, and aspirations of the citizens ...
  • Yachats (Or.) (City of Yachats (Or.), 2008-02-21)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Yachats (Or.); Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners (City of Yachats (Or.), 2008-10)
    The purpose of this study is to provide an amendment of the Comprehensive Storm Drainage Plan completed in May 1993 by H.G.E. Engineers and Planners. The City will need a plan to ensure that new development does not ...
  • Yachats (Or.) (City of Yachats (Or.), 1996)
    This section has two primary elements. The first is a listing of the many action items suggested by the community over the course of four focus group meetings and two community workshops.... The second major element is ...

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