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  • Brookings (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 1995)
    The Comprehensive Plan will be thoroughly reviewed and necessary alterations made every two (2) years. The Committee for Citizen Involvement and staff will prepare an initial review for presentation to the Planning Commission, ...
  • Brookings (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 2004-01-20)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Brookings (Or.); RBF Consulting. Urban Design Studio (City of Brookings (Or.), 2002-05)
    The Downtown Brookings Master Plan is a tool to help both revitalize and celebrate the core area of Downtown Brookings, improving the experience for both residents and visitors to downtown. Much of the work in the Master ...
  • Brookings (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 2006-01-01)
    The City of Brooking[s] (although not required [to] by law), has created a Emergency Operation Plan, which provides a framework by which public officials and emergency responders of Brookings and Curry County plan for, ...
  • ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Brookings (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 2009-04-20)
    The City will need to offset future conversion of commercial land to residential land through the following methods: increasing land use efficiency (e.g., redevelopment); efficient use of opportunity sites; designate ...
  • Brookings (Or.); Curry County (Or.) (City of Brookings (Or.), 2009-06-08)
    The City of Brookings developed this addendum to the Curry County multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan in an effort to increase the community's resilience to natural hazards. The addendum focuses on the ...
  • Brookings (Or.); David Evans and Associates; H. Lee & Associates (City of Brookings (Or.), 2002-08)
    The City of Brookings Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities for the next 20 years. This Transportation System ...
  • Kupper, Charles; Brookings (Or.); Spencer & Kupper (City of Brookings (Or.), 2002-08-12)
    The primary purpose of the Brookings urban renewal plan is to revitalize the commercial area of the City, and to attract new businesses and jobs to the commercially zoned areas of Brookings. The renewal plan builds upon ...
  • Brookings (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Transportation (City of Brookings (Or.), 2003)
    The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the City of Brookings developed this Access Management Plan (AMP) in compliance with the Oregon Highway Plan (OHP) as well as in response to a South West Area Commission ...
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2006-03-30)
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2006-04-27)
    visions to Section 80 of the Land Development Code, "Site Plan Approval"
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2006-05-11)
    A request to annex 33+ acres consisting of 7 tax lots and a 1,000 foot segment of Old County Rd. , ,
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2006-10-30)
    The application reguested a Comprehensive Plan Change and a Zone Change from Tourist Commercial (4-C) to Residential (R-3) on the subject property.
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2006-12-26)
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2007-03-01)
    Revisions to Land Development Code Section 100, "Hazardous Building Site Protection, Hillside Development Standards."
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2007-04-03)
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2007-04-26)
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2007-06-28)
    Revisions to Land Development Code Chap. 17.172, Land Pi visions (Codification of the Brookings Municipal Code resulted in new citations . Formerly cited as"Section 176")
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2007-10-11)
  • Brookings (Or.) (Brookings, 2007-10-25)
    An amendment to the Brookings Municipal Code, Chapter 17.80.040-Site Plan Approval, Improvement Standards. Removal of one standard in this Section that was in conflict with new Street Standards under revision at the same time.

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