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  • Lafayette (Or.) (City of Lafayette (Or.), 2001)
    The development of the Comprehensive Plan occurred in several stages. The systems that make up the community were separated into elements under three main categories: Natural Resources, Community Resources and ...
  • Yamhill County (Or.); Lafayette (Or.) (City of Lafayette (Or.), 1979-05)
    This Plan is divided into four sections. The first three sections present the goals and policies concerning Natural Resources, Community Resources and Community Development of Lafayette. The fourth section discusses ...
  • Lafayette (Or.) (City of Lafayette (Or.), 2003-10)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Yamhill County (Or.); Lafayette (Or.) (City of Lafayette (Or.), 1979-05)
    The material in this Planning Atlas is a synthesis of the information gathered and discussed during the development of the Lafayette Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The City's land use goals and policies, derived from this ...
  • Lafayette (Or.) (Lafayette, 2006-01-06)
    Amend Plan Map from low density residential to medium density Residential. Amend Zone Map from Low Density Residential (R -1) to Medium Density Residential (R-2).
  • Lafayette (Or.) (Lafayette, 2006-01-18)
    Amend Plan map from Medium Density Residential to Commercial. Amend Zone Map from Medium Density Residential (R-2) to Commercial (C-1)
  • Lafayette (Or.) (Lafayette, 2007-08-20)
    Replaces Lafayette Zoning & Development Ordinance; Sect. 2.206, Adopting New Sign Regulations
  • Lafayette (Or.) (Lafayette, 2007-08-20)
    Amend Lafayette Transportation System Plan (an element of the comprehensive Plan and Planning Atlas) Updating Capital Project Costs Improvment
  • Lafayette (Or.) (Lafayette, 2010-01-26)
    Lafayette floodplain regulations were amended to state the Flood Insurance Study for Yamhill County and Incorporated Cities, March 2, 20 I 0, and to add language from the State Model Floodplain Ordinance and State Building Code.
  • Lafayette (Or.) (Lafayette, 2011-01-18)
    The Lafayette Comprehensive Plan was amended with housekeeping updates to the findings, goals, policies and implementation statements. The amendments were minor in nature and no substantive changes were made.
  • Lafayette (Or.) (City of Lafayette, 2013-05-07)
  • Lafayette (Or.) (City of Lafayette, 2014-06-06)

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