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  • Phoenix (Or.) (City of Phoenix (Or.), 2005-06-20)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Phoenix (Or.) (City of Phoenix (Or.), 1999-10-04)
    The TSP incorporates a wide range of regional and statewide objectives. Conceptually, the City's Plan is one of three transportation plans. Together, they create a transportation system....Only the local TSP is described ...
  • Spencer & Kupper; Phoenix (Or.); Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency (City of Phoenix (Or.), 2005-06)
    The Phoenix urban renewal plan follows from two earlier studies done for the City of Phoenix. The first was a 1997 City Center Plan. The 1997 Center City Plan focused on the redevelopment of an area bounded roughly by Main, ...
  • Phoenix (Or.) (Phoenix, 2006-03-03)
    Applicant seeks approval of a minor comprehensive plan map amendment and zone change to rezone a .96 acre parcel from Commercial Highway to Low Density Residential.
  • Phoenix (Or.) (Phoenix, 2006-03-27)
    A to R-1. annex 1.54 Family acres into the city. zone Upon district annexation the property would be re-zoned from Jackson County SR-2.5 to request the City's Single Residential
  • Phoenix (Or.) (Phoenix, 2006-06-26)
    Annexation and zone change to rezone a 2.15 acre parcel from County SR2.5 to City of Phoenix R-1 low density residential.
  • Phoenix (Or.) (Phoenix, 2008-09-25)
    An Ordinance amending the text of the Comprehensive Plan to eliminate references that distinguish segments of the urban growth boundary as permanent versus standard to ensure an urban growth boundary that is singular in guality.
  • Phoenix (Or.) (Phoenix, 2011-04-04)
  • Phoenix (Or.) (Phoenix, 2011-06-27)
    1. Adopt the IAMP as part of the Phoenix Comprehensive Plan, amend the TSP lo replace Figure 9-2, Street System Classification, and amend Policy 4.2 of the Economic Element. 2. Add a new chapter to the Phoenix Development ...
  • Phoenix (Or.) (City of Phoenix, 2014-06-18)
  • Phoenix (Or.) (City of Phoenix, 2014-08-01)

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