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  • Dethier, Christophe (University of Oregon, 2020-12-08)
    In this manuscript we study the family of diagonalizable forms, a special family of integral binary forms. We begin with a summary of definitions and known results relevant to binary forms, diagonalizable forms, Thue ...
  • Bellah, Elisa (University of Oregon, 2022-10-04)
    Diophantine analysis is an area of number theory concerned with finding integral solutions to polynomial equations defined over the rationals, or more generally over a number field. In some cases, it is possible to associate ...
  • Knapp, Greg (University of Oregon, 2024-01-09)
    In this study, we focus on two topics in classical number theory. First, we examine Thue equations—equations of the form F(x, y) = h where F(x, y) is an irreducible, integral binary form and h is an integer—and we give ...

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