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  • Hampton, Mandy; Keathley, Mandy (2017)
    To sculpt is to cloak empty space in material. Like a balloon containing air, my sculptures give shape to empty spaces, while simultaneously concealing them. The experience of making a sculpture is like hiking up a mountain; ...
  • Nachtigall, Stephen (2017-02-08)
    Lush green vegetation, cascading waterfalls and waving golden wheat 5ields; UV printed on vinyl adhesive, stuck to an electrical utility box, vending machine or underground subway advertisement. These cultural moments ...
  • Wallace, Meril (2017-06-22)
    Here is where I first learned to love. To love the place that I am from. To love the harshness of the landscape and hot afternoon winds that rush between canyon walls. Where did this love come from? From time. Time spent ...
  • Asahina, Lee (2017-06-22)
    My terminal project consists of paintings composed of flowers, hands, and scribbles along with various other shapes and marks that mine the personal, the cultural, and the historical. I make paintings in the spirit of ...
  • Campbell, Andrew Douglas (2017-06-28)
    Outlined here is a trajectory of research into the relationship between identity and narrative, with a particular focus on how that relationship subverts the boundary between mainstream and margin. Drawing on a Lacanian ...
  • Milner, Stephen (University of Oregon, 2018)
    My thesis work revolves around the tension between frustration and desire, through trying to connect the seemingly disparate activities of surfing and gay men cruising for sex. I am interested in the latent eroticism of ...
  • Hughes, Laura B. (University of Oregon, 2018)
  • Wood, Natalie (University of Oregon, 2018)
    While employed as a custodian, I developed a detailed knowledge of the building I cleaned – where to find hidden outlets, dusty crevices, and secret doors to air duct chambers. As an artist who works site-specifically, I ...
  • Wurts, Alexander (University of Oregon, 2018)
    For me, trying to reconcile the relationship between a digital image and the physical art-object is of specific importance and drives a lot of the questions I have about contemporary art practice. How do you negotiate ...
  • Thompson, Kayla (2019)
  • Moignard, Neal (2019)
    A description of the intellectual process and cultural influences of 11 artworks produced at the University of Oregon in 2019.
  • Parnes, Stephanie (2019)
  • Miller, Daniel (2019)
  • Vaughn, Jen (2019)
  • Khan, Sumer (2019)
    Exuberance to Disturbance is a selection of personal anecdotes, lists, and short stories, a verbal articulation to one way of working visually. The purpose of this research is to establish different ways of generating ideas ...
  • Bjork, Aaron (2019)
    In the first century, Romans gathered in open-air marketplaces known now by the word bazaar, a variant of the Persian word bazar. As hubs for converging trade routes, these marketplaces served not only as sites for commerce, ...
  • Two Snake 
    Claybrook, Talon (2019)
  • Howell, Leah (2019)
    The intersection of the permanent and impermanent, the disposable and the pleasurable opens up a space for my work to live in. I seek to create a tension between the familiarity of objects, materiality and fragmentation. ...
  • Amini, Sajad (University of Oregon, 2021)
    Examining subjectivity and its association with a relocated body in diasporic circumstances has become the core concept of my work as an artist. I attempt to justify my own Being and comprehend the reflection of it through ...

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