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    • Baker City/County : Strategic plan 

      Baker City (Or.); Baker County (Or.) (Baker City (Or.) and Baker County (Or.), 2004-12)
      The purpose of this document is to guide the activities of the Baker City/County Economic Development Council for the years of 2005 to 2007. The Plan should ensure that these activities are articulated to the residents ...
    • Baker County : Economic development strategic plan 

      Baker County (Or.); Orbis Group (Baker County (Or.), 2008-04)
      This Economic Development Strategic plan recognizes that there are generally two levels of community and economic development activities: 1) more traditional economic development activities such as business recruitment, ...
    • Clackamas County : Economic development plan (2009) 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Mengelberg, Renate (Clackamas County (Or.), 2009-04-02)
      This Economic Development Plan is the guiding policy document for Clackamas County for the next five to ten years. It contains a longer term vision that will guide the County, its cities, unincorporated areas, and business, ...
    • Clackamas County : Economic landscape 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Michael Gallis & Associates; Clackamas County (Or.). Business and Economic Development Services; Clackamas County (Or.). Information Services GIS Division; FCS Group; Real Urban Geographics; Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2007)
      Given that nearly two-thirds of Clackamas County's land area is in public ownership ... the County must depend on a limited land base to support private sector employment growth. [From the document]
    • Clackamas County : Strategic plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Clackamas County (Or.). Economic Development Commission (Clackamas County (Or.), 2003)
      This document describes an overall strategy for economic development in Clackamas County. It updates the 1997 Economic Development Plan by incorporating input from the Economic Development Commission and a wide variety ...
    • Clackamas County : Strategic plan for community and economic development : The villages at Mt. Hood, Oregon (Hoodland) 

      Rural Development Initiatives, Inc.; Clackamas County (Or.) (Mount Hood Area Chamber of Commerce, 2003)
      The aim of this project was to bring the community together to discuss a shared vision for the future of The Villages at Mt. Hood, and to articulate the resulting ideas into a series of goals and strategic projects for the ...
    • Lincoln County : Strategic plan 

      Lincoln County (Or.); Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County (Lincoln County (Or.), 1997-02-07)
      Economic development in Lincoln County is activity that supports, enhances, or diversifies our county’s economy. This includes: offering a quality "product" attractive to new businesses (sites, amenities, workforce, i ...
    • Wasco County : 2007 Economic development action plan 

      Wasco County (Or.); Spatz, Daniel (Wasco County (Or.), 2007-06-20)
      This economic development action plan defines the role of the Wasco County Economic Development Commission (commission) in bringing the long-term economic goals of the county to fruition. It provides insight into the ...
    • Washington County : Strategic plan 

      Washington County (Or.) (Washington County (Or.), 2005-09-10)
      The County 2020 Plan distills the County’s general principles and priorities and is augmented by a number of “enabling plans” that operationalize the Strategic Plan and are approved by the Board of Commissioners. The ...
    • Yamhill County : Beyond the vision : The Chehalem Valley in 2020 (2004) 

      Yamhill County (Or.); Dundee (Or.); Newberg (Or.); Chehalem Park and Recreation District; Newberg Public Schools (City of Newberg (Or.), 2004-02)
      This current effort to move "Beyond the Vision" began in November of 200 I with two workshops that included all the elected officials of the five jurisdictions in this joint effort. Based on the VISION created by our ...