Historic preservation documents include inventories, surveys, and preservation plans for historic areas, districts, sites, landscapes, and buildings. Titles vary widely, and may include cultural resources inventories and archeological investigations.

Recent Submissions

  • Benton County : Fort Hoskins historic park forest stewardship management plan 

    ITS Management, Inc.; Benton County (Or.); Benton County (Or.). Parks Dept.; Miller, Mark; Ferguson, Scott (Benton County (Or.), 2000-06-02)
    The purpose of this Stewardship Management Plan is to provide Benton County, and the Benton County Parks Department staff, with a better understanding of the natural resources of the Fort Hoskins County Park site, and the ...
  • Yamhill County Historic and Archaeological Preservation Ordinance 598 

    Yamhill County (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Development (Yamhill County (Or.), 1997-08-31)
    The purpose and intent of this Ordinance shall be to promote the historic, educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public through the preservation, restoration and protection of buildings, structures ...