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  • Shanley, Caroline (University of Oregon, 2015-01-14)
    Creating an educational program that results in positive post-secondary and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-oriented outcomes for all students is a national goal and federal policy directive. Recent ...
  • Campus Planning & Real Estate, University of Oregon (University of Oregon, 2008-07)
    This document contains overall guidelines and a description of historic resources that develop a model for cultural landscape preservation. It provides guidance for implementing related Campus Plan policies and patterns, ...
  • Munger, Michael (University of Oregon, 2012)
    The catastrophic eruption of the Indonesian volcano Mt. Tambora in April 1815, which ejected a cloud of sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere, plunged the world into a rapid temporary climate change event. A series of ...
  • University of Oregon; Eaton, Allen H. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1901)
  • University of Oregon; Densmore, Harvey B. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1902)
  • University of Oregon; Abbett, Earl R. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1905)
  • University of Oregon; Goddard, Mary Lela (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1906)
  • University of Oregon; Cunning, James (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1907)
  • University of Oregon; Hurle, Jessie (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1908)
  • University of Oregon; Huston, Oliver B. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1909-05-14)
  • University of Oregon; Robison, Charles W. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1910)
  • University of Oregon; Moores, Chester A. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1911)
  • University of Oregon; Onthank, Karl W. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1912)
  • University of Oregon; Rice, Donald B. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1913)
  • University of Oregon; Hendricks, Leland G. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1914)
  • University of Oregon; Stoddard, Milton A. (University of Oregon. Associated Students, 1916)
  • University of Oregon; Hyde, Maurice H. (University of Oregon. Junior Class, 1915)
  • University of Oregon; Wootton, Emma B. (University of Oregon. Associated Students, 1917)
  • University of Oregon; Brenton, Helen (University of Oregon. Associated Students, 1918)
  • University of Oregon; Lake, Adelaide V. (University of Oregon. Associated Students, 1919)

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