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    • Curry County Community Wildfire Protection Plan 

      Ojerio, Ryan S., 1972-; University of Oregon. Institute for a Sustainable Environment. Resource Innovations; Lynn, Kathy (University of Oregon, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, 2008-02)
      The structural vulnerability study was the first collaborative effort of the newly formed Curry Wildfire Preparation Team (CWPT). The CWPT formed out of a recognition that wildfire is an integral and inevitable component ...
    • Engaging Socially Vulnerable Populations in Community Wildfire Protection Plans 

      Resource Innovations; Forest Guild; Watershed Research and Training Center; Ojerio, Ryan S., 1972-; Lynn, Kathy; Evans, Alexander; DeBonis, Mike; Gerlitz, Wendy (University of Oregon, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, 2008)
      Recent catastrophic wildfires in the United States provided images of the destruction of multimillion-dollar homes, dense urban neighborhoods, and vast estates that overlook beautiful forests or the southern California ...
    • Equity in Wildfire Risk Management: Does Socioeconomic Status Predict Involvement in Federal Programs to Mitigate Wildfire Risk? 

      Ojerio, Ryan S., 1972- (University of Oregon, 2008-06)
      Currently, biophysical risk factors figure prominently in federal resource allocation to communities threatened by wildfire. Yet, disaster research demonstrates that socioeconomic characteristics including age, gender, ...