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    • Hadronic spectrum of tau lepton to antipion-neutral pion-tau neutrino decays 

      Rahmat, Rahmat, 1974- (University of Oregon, 2008-09)
      We report on a study of the invariant mass spectrum of the hadronic system in à - [arrow right] à - à 0 à à à à à ½ à decays. This study was performed using data obtained with the ...
    • A search for neutrinoless tau decays to three leptons 

      Kolb, Jeffrey A., 1979- (University of Oregon, 2008-06)
      Using approximately 350 million à + à - pair events recorded with the BaBar detector at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center between 1999 and 2006, a search has been made for neutrinoless, lepton-flavor ...