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dc.contributor.advisor Weiner, Merle en_US Oreizi, Justin en_US 2014-09-29T17:51:39Z 2014-09-29T17:51:39Z 2014-09-29
dc.description.abstract For a variety of reasons since 1979, the United States of America has severed all political ties and retreated to a policy of enacting economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Such reasons include security concerns and human rights abuses. Historical research and surveys of economic data suggest that the sanctions have had limited effectiveness on the Iranian economy. Furthermore, the increasing tension between the United States and Iran caused by sanctions would also suggest that the latter is unlikely to curb its foreign policy to suit the interests of the U.S. My research indicates that despite the current malady of issues that define the American-Iranian relationship today, a once prosperous and peaceful partnership existed between the two countries only a short time ago. In conclusion, it will be shown that both countries would be financially and militarily better off if sanctions were eased and their peaceful partnership might be restored. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher University of Oregon en_US
dc.rights All Rights Reserved. en_US
dc.subject Economic sanctions en_US
dc.subject Foreign policy en_US
dc.subject Iran en_US
dc.subject United States en_US
dc.title A Policy Analysis and Critique of United States Economic Sanctions Against the Islamic Republic of Iran: 1979-Present en_US
dc.type Electronic Thesis or Dissertation en_US M.A. en_US masters en_US Conflict and Dispute Resolution Program en_US University of Oregon en_US

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