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  • David Evans and Associates; Prineville (Or.) (City of Prineville (Or.), 1997-06)
    This document details an Enhancement Plan for downtown Prineville, Oregon. The City and the Prineville Chamber of Commerce Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) have initiated this plan with the goal of improving the ...
  • Beaverton (Or.); DKS Associates (City of Beaverton (Or.), 1999-10-14)
    The transportation system was broken into five basic modes (or mode groups: Pedestrians; Bicycles; Transit; Motor Vehicles; Other Modes (Including Rail, Air, Water, Pipeline, etc.). The TSP planning objective was to ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2000-07)
    Maintaining a resilient economy requires planning. While we cannot always predict economic cycles, we know our economy will periodically experience downturns. The City of Beaverton seeks to minimize the impact of economic ...
  • Beaverton (Or.); DKS Associates (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2001-09-29)
    The State Transportation Planning Rule calls for local agencies to adopt their TSP within 12 months of the completion of a Regional Transportation Plan. To meet this requirement, this Transportation System Plan Update has ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2002-02-08)
    [Goal:] Develop the Beaverton Creek Station Community to support light rail ridership, foster a sense of community, and respect the natural features adjacent to and within the Station Community. [From the Plan]
  • Beaverton (Or.); Oregon Natural Hazards Workgroup (2003-11)
    The Mitigation Plan contains background on the purpose of the plan, the methodology used to develop the plan, a profile of Beaverton, chapters on six natural hazards that have the potential to impact the City, and several ...
  • Beaverton (Or.); Beaverton (Or.). Community Development Dept. (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2004)
    The Comprehensive Plan is the official long-range land use policy document for the City of Beaverton. It provides a framework for the decision making process and is a means of directing community efforts towards sound ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-02-07)
    Community Plan Goal 1: Develop the Merlo Station Community to support light rail ridership by increasing the intensity of the adjacent land uses while recognizing the current land uses and the land and building investments ...
  • Beaverton (Or.); Washington County (Or.). Office of Community Development (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-03)
    In January 2004, Washington County undertook the development of the 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan, the strategic planning document that provides a framework for the County .... Work commenced with a comprehensive housing ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-03-18)
    [Goal:] Promote development of the Murray Scholls Town Center in a manner incorporating the unique characteristics of its location, topography, and natural features, and reinforcing the its relationship to its natural ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-03-18)
    [Goal:] Develop the South Tektronix Station Community to support light rail ridership, foster a sense of community, and respect the natural features adjacent to and within the Station Community. [From the Plan]
  • Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-03-18)
    Community Plan Goal 1: Promote the Downtown Beaverton Regional Center as “Downtown” Beaverton and create and maintain a positive image for the Downtown area.... Community Plan Goal 2: Create a Regional Center in Downtown ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-05)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Beaverton (Or.); Toulan, Nohad A.; Martin, Sheila A. (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-06-02)
    What should Beaverton want? Vision: transportation; housing; education; employment; identity. Why Beaverton? Role in the Region [From the document]
  • Washington County (Or.); Beaverton (Or.); Hillsboro (Or.); Washington County Consortium; Washington County (Or.). Office of Community Development; Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm); Sextant Consultants; Weit, Ramsay; Sharpe, Sumner (Washington County (Or.), 2005-07)
    The 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan describes community needs and determines local priorities for using public resources to assist low and moderate-income residents of Washington County and the City of Beaverton. This ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (Beaverton, 2006-03-15)
  • Beaverton (Or.) (Beaverton, 2006-03-15)
    Amend Table 3.14 of the City Comprehensive Plan found in Chapter 3 thereof, to add the Station Community-Employment fSC-E) zone as an implementing zone for the "Station Community" land use Plan designation.
  • Beaverton (Or.) (Beaverton, 2006-04-24)
    Amend the City Comprehensive Plan and Development Code to require new development to annex to the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD). THPRD is the primary park and recreation provider for the residents of ...
  • Beaverton (Or.) (Beaverton, 2006-04-26)
    Text amendment to Section 60.40, Sign Code, to allow scoreboard sponsor logo as permitted signage.
  • Beaverton (Or.) (Beaverton, 2006-06-12)
    Text amendment to Section 60.10, Floodplain. to update the City's Floodplain regulations to be consistent with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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