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    • Albany : Central Albany revitalization area 

      Albany (Or.) (City of Albany (Or.), 2002-09)
      CARA Goal: To revitalize the Central Albany Revitalization Area by implementing the Town Center Plan developed through the Central Albany Land Use and Transportation Study (CALUTS) using a citizen-driven process. CARA ...
    • Ashland : Central area plan (1966) 

      Ashland (Or.); Rockrise and Watson (Firm); Royston, Hanamoto, Mayes & Beck; Larry Smith & Company; Oredson, Vincent L.; Cornell, Howland, Hayes & Merryfield (City of Ashland (Or.), 1966-12)
      This report contains the plan for the central area of Ashland. It covers the central area, a portion of Lithia Park, and other major land use s which are adjacent to the downtown area. The plan is an element of the ...
    • Ashland : Downtown plan 

      Ashland (Or.); Ashland (Or.). Dept. of Community Development (City of Ashland (Or.), 1988-07-19)
      Since this plan is primarily action-oriented, it has a short time frame. Recommended actions are specific and intended for implementation within five years -- most within two years.... The actions are divided into four ...
    • Ashland : Downtown plan (2001) 

      Ashland (Or.); David Evans and Associates; Melvin Mark Development Company; Seder Architects (City of Ashland (Or.), 2001-06-26)
      This report is an update to the 1988 Ashland Downtown Plan. The goals of this update were to provide guidance on ways to improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists, manage parking supplies, improve the streetscape, ...
    • Ashland : Railroad property master plan 

      Ashland (Or.); Lennertz Coyle & Associates; Urbsworks; Parametrix, Inc.; Fehr & Peers (Firm); Kramer, George; Fregonese Calthorpe Associates (City of Ashland (Or.), 2001-06)
      This project is a land use and transportation plan for what is commonly referred to in the City of Ashland (City) as the "Railroad Property." Over half of the undeveloped commercially-zoned acreage in the plan area is ...
    • Astoria : Riverfront vision plan (2008) 

      Astoria (Or.); Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm); SERA Architects; GreenWorks PC; CH2M Hill, inc.; E.D. Hovee & Company (City of Astoria (Or.), 2008-12)
      Implementing opportunities to create a vibrant new edge along the riverfront, as well as cross connections back into the heart of the downtown and other adjacent areas. [From the Plan]
    • Beaverton : Beaverton Creek Station community plan 

      Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2002-02-08)
      [Goal:] Develop the Beaverton Creek Station Community to support light rail ridership, foster a sense of community, and respect the natural features adjacent to and within the Station Community. [From the Plan]
    • Beaverton : Downtown Beaverton regional center community plan 

      Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-03-18)
      Community Plan Goal 1: Promote the Downtown Beaverton Regional Center as “Downtown” Beaverton and create and maintain a positive image for the Downtown area.... Community Plan Goal 2: Create a Regional Center in Downtown ...
    • Beaverton : Merlo Station community plan 

      Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-02-07)
      Community Plan Goal 1: Develop the Merlo Station Community to support light rail ridership by increasing the intensity of the adjacent land uses while recognizing the current land uses and the land and building investments ...
    • Beaverton : Murray Scholls Town Center community plan 

      Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-03-18)
      [Goal:] Promote development of the Murray Scholls Town Center in a manner incorporating the unique characteristics of its location, topography, and natural features, and reinforcing the its relationship to its natural ...
    • Beaverton : South Tektronix Station community plan 

      Beaverton (Or.) (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-03-18)
      [Goal:] Develop the South Tektronix Station Community to support light rail ridership, foster a sense of community, and respect the natural features adjacent to and within the Station Community. [From the Plan]
    • Bend : Central area plan (2007) 

      Bend (Or.); Parametrix, Inc.; Leland Consulting Group; Otak, Inc.; Hara Shick Architecture (City of Bend (Or.), 2007-09-28)
      The primary objectives of the Bend Central Area Plan (CAP) are fourfold. First and foremost, the CAP is a central area “improvement” plan, one that builds upon the good “bones” of the current Historic Downtown Core area, ...
    • Boardman : Downtown plan 

      Foster Consultants; CTS Engineers; Boardman (Or.); TriLand Design Group (City of Boardman (Or.), 2001-08)
      The downtown development plan must provide accessibility to all modes of travel, accommodate and facilitate business development, intensify land uses, and enhance circulation. The downtown development plan must identify ...
    • Brookings : Downtown master plan 

      Brookings (Or.); RBF Consulting. Urban Design Studio (City of Brookings (Or.), 2002-05)
      The Downtown Brookings Master Plan is a tool to help both revitalize and celebrate the core area of Downtown Brookings, improving the experience for both residents and visitors to downtown. Much of the work in the Master ...
    • Coburg : Downtown plan 

      Coburg (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.) (City of Coburg (Or.), 2001-08-21)
      The Coburg Downtown Plan (Plan) is a refinement to the City of Coburg Transportation System Plan (TSP), which was adopted in September 1999. The Plan conforms to all TSP goals and policies, but provides greater detail on ...
    • Coos Bay : Hollering Place master plan 

      Coos Bay (Or.). Urban Renewal Agency; Coos Bay (Or.); PB PlaceMaking; Johnson Gardner; Oregon Downtown Development Association; Bramare Landscape Architecture (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2008-12-02)
      More often than not, master plans are developed based on a vision and not market realities. This master plan moves previous planning efforts forward by market testing assumptions and concepts, incorporating developer ...
    • Cornelius : Main Street plan 

      Meyer, Richard; Cornelius (Or.) (City of Cornelius (Or.), 2002-07-23)
      The Main Street District Plan is a declaration of the community desired future for the core area of Cornelius. It creates possibilities but is not designed as a precisely defined linear event. The Plan provides a framework ...
    • Corvallis : North Corvallis area plan 

      Corvallis (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development; Satre Associates; Innovative Transportation Concepts, Inc (City of Corvallis (Or.), 2001-07-27)
      The North Corvallis Area Plan (NCAP) represents a comprehensive planning project for future urban development in northern Corvallis, Oregon, and its urban fringe, encompassing the Crescent Valley and Lewisburg areas. ...
    • Corvallis : South Corvallis area refinement plan 

      Corvallis (Or.); Otak, Inc. (City of Corvallis (Or.), 1997-12-31)
      The purpose of the South Corvallis Area Refinement Plan Refinement Plan is to update and refine comprehensive plan policies and map designations for South Corvallis. The recommendations in this plan are directed at enhancing ...
    • Corvallis : West Corvallis - North Philomath plan 

      Corvallis (Or.); Philomath (Or.); Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments; Girling, Cynthia L.; Benton County (Or.) (City of Corvallis (Or.), 1999-01-28)
      This Plan has four main purposes: to provide a vision for the long-range development of West Corvallis and North Philomath that reflects the aspirations of the community and to establish goals and policies for accomplishing ...